Hindu baby girl names starting with A

Name               Meaning

Aabha       =    Glow

Aadhya     =    Beginning; First Power; Worship of Goddess Amba

Aadita       =    The Sun; From the Beginning

Aadya       =    One who is Always First and Best; Power; Beginning;

                           Name of Adisakthi; Goddess Parvati

Aahna       =    Exist

Aalaya      =    Pure

Aaliya       =    High; Tall; Towering; Excellent

Aamani    =    Spring Season

Aanadi      =    Always Happy

Aanya       =    Different; Goddess Durga; Graceful

Aaoka       =    Lustrous

Aapti         =    Completion; Fulfilment

Aarati        =    Towards the Highest Love for God; Form of Worship;

                           Divine Fire in Ritual

Aarchi       =    Comic

Aarini        =    Adventurous

Aarna        =    Goddess Laxmi

Aarti          =    Worship to God; Prayer; Form of Worship

Aas             =    Hope; Asylum; Acceptance

Aasa          =    Hope; Aspiration

Aasha        =    Hope

Aashi         =    Love; Full Smile

Aashna     =    Hope; Devoted to Love

Aashni      =    Lightning

Aasini       =    Smile

Aastha      =    Devotee of God; Faith; Unknown

Abha         =    Lustre; Shine; More or Most Beautiful; More Splendid

Abhari      =    Grateful

Abhati      =    Splendour; Light

Abhaya     =    Fearless

Abhi          =    Fearless; Very Nice

Abhira      =    Cow-herd

Abhiri       =    A Raagini of Indian Music

Abisha      =    Gift of God

Abja           =    Born in Water

Abni          =    Fire

Aboil         =    The Name of a Flower

Aboli         =    A Flower

Achala      =    Steady; Mountain

Achira       =    Very Short

Achla         =    Constant

Acira          =    Brief; Swift; Fast

Ada            =    Pure; Noble; Kind; Nobility; The Oldest Daughter; Happy;

                           Ornament; Child of the Red Earth; Brightness; Prosperous;

                           Style; Special Things that Matter

Adhira      =    Lightning

Adhya       =    First Power

Adisha      =    Without Direction; Laxmi Devi; Heavenly; Related to Adishakti

Aditha      =    The First Root

Adithi       =    Freedom; Safety; Abundance; Guest

Aditi          =    Mother of God; The Earth

Aditri        =    Highest Honor; Goddess Lakshmi

Adrija        =    Of the Mountain; Daughter of Himalaya;

                           Goddess Durga / Laxmi / Parvathi

Adrika       =    Goddess Lakshmi; Celestial

Adrisa       =    Mountain Lord

Adusha     =    Add Meaning

Advika      =    Unique

Adwita     =    Unique

Adwiti      =    Great

Adya          =    First; Unparalleled; 1st Preference; Good Beginning

Aesha       =    Love; Woman; Life; Alive; Awake

Afreen      =    Encouragement; Beautiful

Agamya   =    Knowledge; Wisdom

Agasya      =    Name of a Maharshi

Agnes       =    Pure; Chaste

Agraja       =    Main

Agrata       =    Leadership

Agrima     =    Leadership

Ahalya      =    Wife of Rishi Gautam; Women Rescued by Lord Rama

Ahana       =    Air

Ahilya       =    Maiden

Ahimsa     =    Nonviolent Virtue

Ahna         =    Exist

Aisha         =    Living; Prosperous; Lively; Woman; Life; She is Life;

                           Alive; Wife of Prophet Muhammad; Joy; Happiness

Aishya      =    Spring

Aiyana      =    Eternal Blossom; Forever Flowering

Aja             =    High Priestess of Mecca; Goat; Not Born; Love of Vishnu;

                           One who is Self Existent

Ajaa           =    Energy

Ajala          =    The Earth

Ajanta       =    A Famous Buddist Cave

Ajara         =    Not Wearing out; Everlasting; Adhishri

Ajeeta      =    Invincible; Unconquerable

Ajita          =    Always Winning; A Winner; Invincible; Unconquerable

Ajitha        =    Winner; Unbeatable

Akalka      =    Free from Impurity; Moonlight; Pure; Moon Light

Akane       =    Someone You cannot Stop Loving; Brilliant Red

Akhila       =    Brilliant; Beauty; Complete

Akira         =    A Natural; Graceful Strength; Bright; Clear; Dawn; Anchor

Akriti         =    Shape; Diagram

Akshda     =    Tandul

Akshi         =    Eyes; Very Precious; Eyed; Existence

Akshya     =    Unlimited

Akula        =    Goddess Parvati

Akuti         =    Princess

Alaina       =    Dear Child

Alaka         =    A Girl with a Lovely Hair

Alakya      =    A Picture or a Painting

Alda           =    Rich; Old; Wise; Noble

Alekya      =    Which cannot be Written; A Beautiful Painting;

                            Good Letter

Alisha       =    God Gifted; Protected by God

Aliya          =    Superior; Finer; Rising; Ascending; High-born;

                           The High; Exalted One

Alka           =    Diamond; A Girl with a Lovely Hair; Lock of Curly Hair

Aloka        =    Faultless

Aloki         =    Brightness

Alopa        =    Faultless

Alpa           =    Little

Alpana      =    Decorative Design; Beautiful

Amala       =    The Pure One; Bird; Hope; Spotless

Amani       =    Road; One who Shows the Path; Wishes; Aspiration;

                          Belief; Faith; Peace

Amanra    =    Headstrong; Leader; Night Rain; Wild

Amara       =    Grass; Immortal One; Aid; Assistance; Steadfast;

                            Lovely Forever; Imperishable

Amari        =    Eternal

Amarta     =    Immortality

Amba        =    Goddess Durga

Ambica     =    Goddess Name

Ambika    =    Goddess Parvati

Ambu        =    Water; Beautiful

Ambuda   =    Cloud

Ambuja    =    Born of a Lotus; Goddess Lakshmi

Ami            =    My People; Dearly Loved; Beauty; Friend;

                          Loved; Nectar; Tears

Amisha     =    Beautiful

Amishi      =    Pure

Amita        =    Limitless

Amitha     =    Unique

Amithi      =    Immeasurable

Amiti         =    Boundless

Amla         =    The Pure One; Goddess of Wealth (Lakshmi)

Amlika      =    Tamerind

Ammulu   =    Mother

Amneet    =    Believe in Peace

Amoda     =    Happiness

Amogha    =    Fruitful

Amreen    =    Pray

Amrita      =    Immortality; Nectar

Amriti       =    Height and Beautiful

Amuda     =    Sweetest Food

Amukta    =    Can't be Touched; Precious

Amulya    =    Priceless; Invaluable; Princess

Amvi         =    A Goddess

Ana            =    Form of Anna; Gracious; God's Favour; Resurrection;

                           Playful; Wanted; Favoured; Beautiful; Grace; Strong;

                          Clever; Full of Pride; Bright

Anagi        =    Valuable

Anala        =    Fiery

Anava       =    It is the State of Consciousness of the Ego

Anavi        =    Peace Loving; Kind to People; First Ray of Sun;

                           Goddess Durga; Good Looking Eyes

Andal        =    Female Saints Name

Angel        =    A Little Messager from God; Shine of Glory

Angha       =    Innocent; Beauty

Ania           =    Grace

Aniha        =    Indifferent; Unwillingness

Anika        =    Goddess Durga; Grace; Favour; God is Gracious;

                           God has Shown Favour

Anima       =    The Power of Becoming Minute; Soul; Anger;

                          Courage; Essence; Feeling; Mind; Passion; Spirit; Small

Anisa         =    Joy and Pleasure; Friendly; Without Night; Loveable

Anita         =    Grace; Leader

Aniya        =    Creative

Anju          =    One who Lives in the Heart; Blessing

Ansha       =    Portion

Ansho       =    More Portion

Anshu       =    Sun Rays; Sun

Anu            =    Atom; Silence; Favour; Grace; A Prefix

Anuga       =    A Companion

Anuja        =    A Girl with Beauty of Pure Heart; Younger Sister

Anula        =    Not Wild; Gentle

Anupa       =    Pond

Anuva       =    Knowledge

Anvi           =    Goddess Mahalaxmi; Goddess of Nature;

                           Loving; One who has to Follow

Anya          =    Inexhaustible; Gracious; Graceful; Resurrection; Favour;

                          Grace; Form of Anna; Beautiful; Something Unexpected

Apala        =    Name of a Learned Woman of the Past

Apara        =    Knowledge; Materialistic

Araha        =    Guiding Star

Arati          =    Hymns Sang in Praise of God; Worship

Archa        =    Worship

Ardra         =    6th Nakshatra

Arij             =    Sweet Smell; Fragrance

Arja            =    Divine

Arni           =    Moon; Sun

Arohi         =    Beautiful; Evolving

Arthi          =    Way of Showing Love to God; Worshiping

Arula         =    Shining as the Sun; Brilliant; Grace; Filled with Grace

Aruna        =    Lovely; Dawn

Arya           =    Goddess Parvati; Noble in Sanskrit;

                            Melody or Air in Italian; Lioness in Hebrew;

                            Honoured; Noble

Asha          =    Hope; Aspiration; Wish; Desire; Woman;

                           Divine Law and Order; Righteousness; Light of Hope;


Ashi           =    Evening; Night; Reward; Smile; Happy

Ashna       =    Friend

Asin           =    Pure

Asini          =    Smiling

Asita          =    The River Yamuna

Asmi          =    I am Present; Nature; Self Confident;

                           Good; Kind

Astha        =    Faith; Devotee of God; Unknown

Asya          =    Grace

Atasi          =    A Blue Flower

Atula         =    Uncomparable

Auhna       =    Passion

Aurya        =    Divine Light

Avani        =    Month in Tamil; Earth

Avasa        =    Independent

Avi             =    Sun

Avika         =    Earth

Avni           =    The Earth

Awani       =    Earth

Ayana       =    Ethiopian; Beautiful Blossom

Ayati         =    Royal; God Like

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