Hindu baby girl names starting with A

Name                        Meaning

Anagha           =     Sinless; Soft; Goddess Parvati

Ananda           =     Joyful; Bliss; Full of Joy; Derivated from Happiness

Anandi           =     Always Happy; Joyful; Unending

Ananta           =     Prosperous; Free; Without End; Infinite;

                                  Joyful; Unending

Ananti           =     Gift

Ananya          =     Inalienability; Limitless Feeling; Endless; Beautiful Star;

                                  Matchless; Nice; Unique; Careful; Incomparable

Anathi          =     Modest; Respectful; Joyful; Peaceful

Anchal         =     The Decorative End of a Sari

Ancika          =     Beautiful; Graceful

Angaja         =     Daughter of Aja

Angana        =     An Suspicious or Handsome Woman

Angira          =     Mother of Birhaspati

Anisha         =     Pure; Grace; Continuous; Day; Supreme;

                                 Variant of Anne or Agnes

Anitha           =     Grace; Favour

Anjali           =     Join Hands; Palms Together; Offering with Both Hands;

                              An Angel; Offering

Anjana         =     Mother of Hanuman

Anjani          =     Hanuman's Mother; Illusion; Maya

Anjika          =     Blessed

Anjini           =     Mother of Hanuman

Ankita          =     Baby of Sun; Marked; Lovable; Conquered; A Signet;

                               Symbol; Signet

Annada           =     Goddess Durga

Annika           =     Grace; Sweet Faced; Different; God is Gracious;

                                 God has Shown Favour; Goddess Durga

Annisa           =     Friendly

Annula           =     Add Meaning

Anogna           =     Doughter of Vardhaman Mahaveer

Anokhi           =     Unique

Ansika           =     Beautiful

Ansuya           =     Learned Woman; Sage Atri's Wife

Antara           =     Who Lives in One's Heart; The Second Note in

                                 Hindustani Classical Music; A Musical Sur

Antini           =     Living in a Hermitage

Anugna           =     Order

Anuhya           =     Beyond Ones Expectations; Little Sister

Anusha           =     The Universe; Beautiful Morning; A Star;

                                  Following Desires

Anuska           =     Grace

Anusna           =     Add Meaning

Anusri           =     Glorious; Famous

Anvita           =     Who Bridges the Gap

Anwita           =     Goddess Durga

Aolani           =     Cloud from Heaven

Aparna           =     Goddess Parvati

Apsara           =     Beauty Girl; Celestial Maiden

Apurba           =     Never seen Before

Apurva           =     Priceless; Unique; Precious

Ariona           =     Bringer of Life

Aritha           =     Laxmi

Arjuni           =     Dawn; White Cow

Arkaja           =     Born from Sun; River Yamuna

Arkita           =     Plentiful

Armili           =     Affectionate or Dear

Armita           =     Desire

Arpana           =     Surrendered; Offering

Arpita           =     Dedicated

Arshia           =     Heavenly

Artana           =     Vanquisher of All Foes

Arushi           =     Beauty; Dawn; Red Sky in the Early Morning

Aryahi           =     Goddess Durga

Aryama           =     The Sun

Aryana           =     Noble

Aseema           =     Limitless; Protector; Devotee

Asgari           =     Devotee

Ashani           =     Lightening

Ashika           =     One without Sorrow; Mercury; Limitless

Ashira           =     Wealthy

Ashita           =     River Yamuna

Ashley           =     Meadow of Ash Trees; Dwells at the Ash

                                Tree Meadow; Ash-tree Meadow; Ash Wood

Ashoka           =     Without Grief

Askini           =     Daughter of Prajapati Virat

Asmita           =     Glories; Love; Identity; Pride

Asvika           =     A Little Mare

Aswini           =     Healer of Devas; Name of Star

Athidi           =     Guest

Atmaja           =     Daughter

Atreyi           =     Name of a River; Container of Happiness and Wealth

Avaani           =     On Course; The Bed of a River; The Earth

Avadhi           =     Boundary

Avanti           =     Ancient Malwa; Ujjain

Avapya           =     Achieving

Avigna           =     Without Obstacles

Avishi           =     Earth; River

Avnita           =     The Earth

Ayanna           =     Innocent; Beautiful Flower; Royal

Ayathi           =     Royal

Ayithi           =     One of the Name of Goddess Lalitha

Ayurda           =     Bestower of Longevity

Ayushi           =     Long Life

Ayusri           =     Laxmi; Long Life

Aademma           =     Youth

Aaditri           =     Godess Laxmi

Aadrika           =     Goddess Lakshmi; Mountain; Celestial

Aaghnya           =     Born from Fire; Goddess Lakshmi

Aahlada           =     Desire

Aakriti           =     Shape

Aaloeka           =     Add Meaning

Aamdaal           =     Rain

Aamukta           =     Shelter

Aanandi           =     Happy; Cheerful; Always Happy Woman;

                                   Full of Joy; Blissful

Aanchal           =     Protective Shelter of Mother

Aarogya           =     Healthy

Aarushi           =     First Ray of the Sun

Aarvani           =     Add Meaning

Aashika           =     Lovable

Aashish           =     Blessing

Aashita           =     One who is Full of Hope

Aasrija           =     Trust

Aasrita           =     Goddess Name

Aatmaja           =     Daughter

Aayushi           =     Full Moon; One with Long Life

Aayushu           =     Live Long Life

Abdhija           =     Born in Sea; Goddess Lakshmi

Abhidha           =     Literal Meaning

Abhigna           =     Precious; Knowledgeable; Lighting; Beautiful

Abhigya           =     Wise One; Expert; Adept

Abhijna           =     Remembrance; Recollection

Abhinav           =     An Act

Abhisri           =     Surrounded by Glory; Shining; Powerful

Abhitha           =     Fearless; Goddess Parvati

Abhithi           =     Fearlessness

Abirami           =     Friendly; Goddess Laxmi

Abishta           =     Lady of the House

Achyuta           =     Lord Vishnu

Adarsha           =     Ideal

Adbutha           =     Marvelous

Adhitha           =     From the Beginning

Adhitri           =     Goddess Laxmi

Advaith           =     Unique

Advithi           =     Unique

Ahruthi           =     Add Meaning

Aishani           =     Goddess Durga

Aishini           =     Goddess Lakshmi

Aishita           =     Sweet

Aishnia           =     Add Meaning

Akarsha           =     Attractive

Akruthi           =     Shape

Akshara           =     Letter

Akshata           =     Rice

Akshaya           =     Special Star; Indestructible; Gold; Rich

Akshita           =     Wonder Girl; Seen; Wonderful Girl; Permanent; Constant

Aksithi           =     Imperishably

Alamelu           =     Balaji Wife Name

Alekhya           =     Which cannot be Written

Alyonka           =     Beauty Peasant Attraction

Amaraja           =     A Sacred River; Daughter of the Gods

Ameesha           =     All Coming Together

Amodini           =     Happy Girl; Joyful

Amolika           =     Priceless

Amoolya           =     Precious

Amritha           =     Nectar; Art; Immortality

Amrusha           =     Sudden

Amrutha           =     Nectar

Amshula           =     Sunny

Amuktha           =     Free from the World

Amulyaa           =     Very Precious

Anahita           =     Graceful

Anamika           =     The One without a Name; Ring-finger;

                                     Person who does Not have Name

Anantha           =     Endless; Eternal

Anantya           =     Endless; Eternal

Anasuya           =     Rain; Without Spite or Envy; Wife of Rishi Atri

Anavika           =     Add Meaning

Anchala           =     One End of Saree which is Free

Anchita           =     Honoured; Worshipped

Aneesha           =     Uninterrupted; Continuous; One who is Supreme;


Anemone           =     Type of Flower; Wind

Angoori           =     Grape

Anhithi           =     Gift; Donation; Loan

Anilaja           =     Related to God

Anishka           =     Who has Friends; No Enemies

Anjusha           =     Hanuman's Mother Name

Ankitha           =     With Auspicious Marks

Anoohya           =     Unexpected; Massive

Anshika           =     Minute Particle; Part of Parents; Particle

Anshita           =     A Part of Tree

Anshula           =     Sunny

Anuksha           =     Every Moment

Anulata           =     One with Very Slim Figure

Anuloma           =     Sequence

Anumati           =     Consent

Anumeha           =     After the Rain

Anumita           =     Love and Kindness

Anunita           =     Disciplined

Anupama           =     Matchless; Unique; Unparalleled;

                                      Without Equal; Incomparable; Beautiful

Anurati           =     Consent

Anurita           =     Add Meaning

Anuroop           =     Worthy of; Befitting; Lovely

Anushka           =     A Term of Endearment; Favour; Grace;

                                     Lord Durga's Name

Anushri           =     Pretty

Anushvi           =     Cute

Anusuya           =     Non-jealous

Anvesha           =     Quest; Curious; To Search

Anvisha           =     Goddess

Anvitha           =     One who Bridges the Gap

Anwesha           =     Invention; Quest; Love; Search

Anwitha           =     Goddess Durga

Apeksha           =     Expected

Apinaya           =     Expressions in Dance

Apoorva           =     Unique

Apoorwa           =     Precious

Araceli           =     Gate of Heaven

Aradhya           =     Prayer; Worship

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