Ganesh sloka,Ganesha mantra,Mantra Ganesh

Gajananam Bhuta Ganathi Sevitam
Kapittha Jambu Palasara Bhaksitam
Uma Sutam Shoka Vinasha Karanam
Namami Vignesvara Pada Pankajam

He who has a face of an elephant,He who is worshiped by Bhootha Ganam.The fruits you eat as your food are jumbu and kapitha fruits which has a power to cure illness.You are the son of Goddess Uma Devi .He who removes all the ill feelings and bless us with Good success.He who is offered prayers during the begining of any cermonies.O! Lord Vigneshwara .You are the source power to all and I bow before you and offer my prayers to you.

Shuklambara Dharam Vishnum
Shashivarnam Chatur Bhujam
Prasanna Vadanam Dhyayet
Sarva Vignopa Santaye

Sanskrit to English Word Meaning -
Suklambaradaram-one who wears a white garment; visnum; all spreading; sasivarnam; who has bright complexion; chaturbhujam-who has four hands holding four different weapons ; prasannavadanam- who has an ever smiling face; dhyayet- I do meditation upon you; sarvavighnopashantaye- for the removal of all sin and obstacles

Translation -
Lord Vigneshwara you wears a white garment,who is all spreading ,who has a bright colour(Like full Moon) with four hands which represents all the powers,who has a smiling face,Mediating to remove all of the obstacles.

Brief Explanation -
Lord Ganesha who is the elder son of Lord Shiva and Goddes Parvati .He is invoked before performing any cermonies and also he who removes the obstacles .He is also being worshipped for wisdom and knowledge by his devottees.

Sri Vakratunda Mahakaaya
Koti-soorya samaprabha
Nirvighnam kuru me Deva
Sarva-karyeshu Sarvadaa

O ! Lord Ganesha who has a curved trunk and massive body,your power is equal to the millions of suns,please bless me that I do nt face ny problems throughout my Life.

Mooshika vahana modaka hasta
Chamara karna vilambita sootra
Vamana roopa Maheswara putra
Vigna-vinayaka paada namaste

He who travels on a mouse as his vahana(Vehicle).
He will always follow a traditional type of sweet that is Modhakam.
He has a chain like ornament which shines around his waist,He is the elder son of Lord Shiva.
O! LordVinayaka you are the remover of obstacles and please bless us with good success,I worship your divine feet.

Gajavaktram Sura-shreshtam
Paashaankusha-dharam Devam
Vandeham Gana-naayakam

I bow and offer my prayers before you my lord whose face resembles to that of an elephant,who is the supreme power and whose ears look like fans and who is holding Goose and goad in his hands.

Ekadantam Mahakayam
Lambodara Gajananam
Vigna Nashakarma Devam
He Rambam Prana Mamyaham

I bow and offer my prayers before you my Lord,who has one tusk,who has a round belly which represents the Universe and he who destroys all the sins and obstacles of his devotees.I worship your divine feet my Lord.
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