Hindu baby boy names starting with D

Name                        Meaning

Da             =    Big; Great; Achieve; Attainment;

                         Big Strike

Dev             =    Poet; God; King; Immortal; Charming;

                            Awesome; Divine; Love; Amazing; Respect

Daha             =    Blazing; Very Bright

Dasu             =    Worshipping; Sacrificing

Deep             =    Deep; Superior to Infinity; A Lamp

Doki             =    A Place Near of Agra

Dron             =    Teacher of Arjun in Hindu Epic Mahabharat;

                               Prominent Mahabharata Character

Daasu             =    Powerfull

Dahak             =    Destroyer

Daksh             =    Perfect Being; Capable; Smart; Lord Shiva;

                                 Fire; Gold; Son of Lord Brahma; Precious Son;

                                 Son of a Perfect Being; Expert; Fit

Daman             =    One who Controls

Danta             =    Calm; A Name for Lord Hanuman

Danuj             =    Born of Danu; A Danava

Darsh             =    Lord Krishna

Daruk             =    Dark Skinned; Charioteer of Lord Krishna; Tree

Darun             =    As Hard as Wood

Datta             =    Given; Granted; Presented; Gardien

Dattu             =    Lord Sai Baba

David             =    Beloved One; Courageous Hero who Killed Goliath

                                   King of Israel

Dayal             =    Kind and Merciful; Kind Hearted

Devaj             =    From God

Deval             =    Sage Narada; Temple

Devin             =    Poet; English and American Place Name; Divine;

                                Perfect; Bard; Resembling a God

Dhanu             =    Man of Wealth

Dheer             =    Gentle

Dhruv             =    Star; Constant; Faithful; Firm; The Polar Star

Dhyan             =    Concentrate; Absorbed in Contemplation

Dhyey             =    Target; Mission

Didar             =    Appearance; Sight; View; Vision; Look

Dilip             =    A King; An Ancestor of Lord Rama

Dinar             =    Gold Coin; Gold Unit of Coinage; Name of the

                                Grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit

Dipak             =    Lamp; Light

Dipen             =    Lord of the Lamp

Divit             =    Immortal

Dohal             =    The Vision

Druva             =    A Star Name

Dulal             =    Dear One

Duran             =    Firm; Enduring; Durable

Durga             =    Unreachable

Durja             =    The Invincible

Dabeet             =    Warrior

Dahana             =    A Rudra

Daitya             =    A Non Aryan

Daivya             =    Divine

Daiwik             =    By the Grace of God

Daksha             =    Able; Talented

Dakshi             =    The Glorious

Damian             =    To Tame; Subdue

Dandak             =    A Forest; Jungle

Danish             =    To be Clever; Knowledge; Wisdom;

                                 One who is Merciful and Foreseeing

Danvir             =    Charitable

Darpad             =    Lord Shiva

Darpak             =    Kamdev; God of Love

Darpan             =    A Mirror

Darsan             =    Philosophy; Seeing Clearly

Darsha             =    Bright

Daruka             =    Deodar Tree

Dattey             =    Lord Indra

Dayada             =    Son; Inheritor

Debjit             =    One who has Conquered Gods

Deenan             =    One who Knows

Deepak             =    Lamp; Kindle; Lustrous; Lights;

                               Prakash; Lifeline; Moon; Candle; Light

Deepan             =    Lighting Up

Deepit             =    Lighted

Deeran             =    Achiever

Devang             =    Part of God

Devank             =    Godly

Devapi             =    An Ancient King; The Eldest Son of King

                                Pratipa of Hastinapur in Indian Epic Mahabharat

Devdas             =    Servant of God

Devesh             =    Name of Jesus; God of Gods;

                                   Lord Shiva; Lord of Lords

Devpad             =    Divine Feet

Devraj             =    King of Gods

Devrat             =    Spiritual

Dewesh             =    God of God

Dharma             =    Law Religious

Dharmi             =    Religious

Dharsh             =    Add Meaning

Dhaval             =    Fair Complexioned

Dhawal             =    White

Dhevan             =    Godly

Dhilan             =    Son of the Waves

Dhipin             =    Exciting

Dhiraj             =    Emperor; Patience; Consolation

Dhiren             =    One who is Strong; Honest

Dhwani             =    Sound; Voice

Dhyana             =    Meditation

Dhyani             =    One who does Contemplation

Digant             =    Horizon

Dileep             =    King of the Solar Race

Dinesh             =    The Sun; Happy; Husband of Angels;

                             God of the Day; Lord Shiva; The Lord of Sun

Dinkar             =    Sun

Dinpal             =    Sun

Dipesh             =    Light; Lord of Light

Divesh             =    Light

Drumil             =    Name of a Rishi

Drupad             =    A King; Father of Draupadi

Dylann             =    Sea

Dyutit             =    Illuminated

Dalajit             =    Winning over a Group

Dalbhya             =    Belonging to Wheels

Dalpati             =    Commander of Group

Damodar             =    Lord Ganapati

Darahas             =    Smile

Darshak             =    Spectator; Wind Blowing Fast

Darshan             =    Sight; View; To Perceive; Vision;

                                      Philosophy; Paying Respect

Dasarad             =    Father of Lord Rama; King of Ayodhya

Dasmaya             =    Beautiful

Daveena             =    Beauty

Dayakar             =    Mercy Man; Merciful Lord Shiva

Dayamay             =    Full of Mercy

Dayaram             =    Merciful

Deenath             =    Lord Vishnu

Deepesh             =    Lord of Light

Deeshan             =    Shows the Path to Others

Devadas             =    Follower of God

Devagya             =    With Knowledge of God

Devansh             =    Part of God

Devappa             =    Father of King

Devaraj             =    King of the Gods

Devarsi             =    Sage of the Devas

Devarya             =    Divine Belief

Devguru             =    Teacher of Gods ( Brihaspati )

Devidas             =    Servant of a Goddess

Devilal             =    Son of Goddess

Devnath             =    King of Gods

Devsena             =    Army of Gods

Dhairya             =    Patience; Brave

Dhanesh             =    Lord of Wealth

Dhanush             =    The Arrow and Bow

Dhanvin             =    Lord Shiva

Dharesh             =    King; Lord of Land

Dharmik             =    A Name for Lord Ganesha

Dhasvan             =    Priest

Dheeman             =    Intelligent

Dheeraj             =    Courageous; Emperor; Patience;

                                     Consolation; Brave; Gorgeous

Dheeran             =    Achiever

Dhimant             =    Intelligent

Dhrupad             =    Lord Krishna; Father of Dropadi

Dhruvan             =    Star Being Blessed by God; Pole Star

Dhvanil             =    The Sound from Heaven

Dhvanya             =    Sound

Dikshan             =    Initiation

Dilawar             =    Brave; Hearty; Daring; Bold;


Dinakar             =    The Sun

Dipendu             =    Moon

Divakar             =    The Sun

Divnesh             =    Sun

Divyesh             =    Sun

Drishit             =    Signs

Durgesh             =    King; Ruler; Lord of Forts

Durjaya             =    Difficult to Conquer

Durmada             =    False Pride; Illusion

Durvish             =    Who cannot be Affected by Poison

Dwijesh             =    River; Lord Brahma

Dyumani             =    Lord Shiva

Daamodar             =    A Name of Krishna

Dakshesh             =    Shiva

Darahaas             =    Smile

Darsheel             =    Something that Looks Good and Sober

Dayaakar             =    Merciful

Dayakara             =    Compassionate

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