Hindu baby boy names starting with D

Name                              Meaning

Dayanand             =    One who Likes Being Merciful

Deakshit             =    Priest; Poojari

Debashis             =    Benediction of God

Debasish             =    Blessings of God

Deeksith             =    Initiated; Meditation

Deependu             =    Bright Moon

Deepshik             =    Light

Dehabhuj             =    Another Name for Lord Shiva

Devadatt             =    Gift of the God

Devadeva             =    Lord of All Lords

Devadutt             =    Gift of God

Devajuta             =    The One with the Good

Devanand             =    Joy of God

Devarshi             =    Another Name for Narada

Devbrata             =    Bhishma

Devdarsh             =    Worshipper of God

Devdatta             =    Given by God

Devdutta             =    King

Devendar             =    King of Lord's

Devendra             =    King of Gods; Lord Indra

Devkumar             =    Son of God

Devvrata             =    Name of an Ancient King in Indian

                                       Epic Called Mahabhatat;

                                      Son of Shantanu and Ganga

Dhanajit             =    Wealth

Dhananad             =    Pleasure of Having Wealth

Dhansukh             =    Rich; Wealthy; Happy

Dhanvant             =    Wealthy

Dhanvine             =    A Name for Lord Rama

Dharmesh             =    Master of Religion

Dharmpal             =    Protector of his Religion

Dharshan             =    Paying Respect

Dheemant             =    Wise; Intelligent

Dhikshit             =    Initiated; God is Great

Dhinakar             =    The Sun

Dhinanta             =    Evening

Dhivakar             =    The Sun

Dhruvpad             =    The Oldest Style of North Indian Classical

Dhyanesh             =    Meditative

Digambar             =    Sky Clad; Another Name for Siva;

                                       Unencumbered; Sky-clad; Naked;

                                        Lord Shiva

Digamber             =    Nacked

Digvijay             =    Big Victory; Triumph; Conqueror

Dinanath             =    Protector

Dinapati             =    The Sun

Dindayal             =    Kind to the Poor

Dinendra             =    The Sun; Lord of the Day; Lord Surya (Sun)

Divyanga             =    Divine Body

Divyansh             =    Part of Divine; Dev Ansh

Divyendu             =    Bright Moon

Durgadas             =    Servant; A Devotee of Godess Durga

Durijesh             =    Moon

Dushyant             =    Destroyer of Evil; Raja Dushyant

                                        Father of Prince Bharat

Dvimidha             =    One who Knows the Present as

                                       Well as Future

Dwijaraj             =    King of Brahmins; The Moon

Dadheechi             =    Divine Rishi

Dalapathi             =    Leader of a Group

Dandapani             =    Staff Handed; Holding a Staff

                                           in his Hand

Dashabahu             =    Ten Armed

Dasharath             =    The Father of Lord Rama

Dastagiri             =    Add Meaning

Dayanidhi             =    Treasure House of Mercy

Dayasagar             =    Extremely Kind; Sea of Mercy

Debashish             =    Pleased by Gods

Deekshith             =    Meditation

Deenanath             =    Lord of the Poor

Deepankar             =    One who Lights Lamps;

                                          Lord of Light

Deepanshu             =    King of Light

Deependra             =    Lord of Light

Deeptendu             =    Bright Moon

Deeptiman             =    Lustrous

Deeptimoy             =    Lustrous

Denadayal             =    Humble and Merciful

Deshkanth             =    King of the World

Devabrata             =    A Name of Bhisma

Devadatta             =    God Given

Devadhipa             =    Lord of the Gods

Devajyoti             =    Brightness of the Lord

Devakumar             =    Son of God

Devandhra             =    Lion

Devarpana             =    Offerings to the Gods

Devashish             =    Blessings of God

Devavrata             =    Name of an Ancient King in

                                       Indian Epic Called Mahabhatat;

                                       Son of Shantanu and Ganga

Deveshwar             =    Lord Shiva

Dhanakoti             =    Wealthy to Crore

Dhanamjay             =    Winner of Money

Dhananjay             =    One who Wins Wealth; Lord Arjun;

                                         Name of Arjun; Lord Vishnu

Dhanapati             =    Lord of Wealth

Dhanishta             =    Wealth of Heart

Dhanshree             =    Laxmi

Dhanunjay             =    One of the Names of Arjuna

Dhanwanth             =    Add Meaning

Dharendra             =    King of the Earth

Dharitree             =    The Earth

Dharmadas             =    One who Serves his Religion

Dharmadev             =    Lord of Law

Dharmaraj             =    King of Religion

Dharmendu             =    Light of Religion

Dharmveer             =    Religious

Dhirendra             =    Lord of the Brave

Dhritiman             =    Patient

Digvastra             =    Sky Clad

Diptanshu             =    Sun

Divyanshu             =    Parts of Dev

Dnyandeep             =    A Lamp of Knowledge

Duranjaya             =    A Heroic Son

Durgadutt             =    Gift from Godess Durga

Dushyanta             =    A King from the Epic Mahabharata;

                                     Father of Prince Bharat; Destoyer of Evil

Dushyanth             =    Peace

Dwaipayan             =    The Sage Vyasa

Dwijendra             =    King of Brahmins; The Moon

Dasharathi             =    Lord Rama

Dattatreya             =    Gift of Atri

Dayaananda             =    One who Takes Joy in Being Merciful

Dayaanidhi             =    Kind; One who Gives

Dayasagara             =    Ocean of Mercy

Dayaswarup             =    Merciful

Deepsundar             =    Bright Light

Deeptanshu             =    The Sun

Devadyumna             =    God's Glory

Devakantha             =    Beloved of the Gods

Devamadana             =    Pleasing the Gods

Devanandan             =    Sonofgod

Deviprasad             =    Blessing of the Goddess

Devnarayan             =    King

Dhanaditya             =    King of Money

Dhananjaya             =    Fire

Dhanaraaju             =    Add Meaning

Dhanyapaal             =    Add Meaning

Dharmaketu             =    One who Upholds the Right Way;

                                            Son of Urmila and Lakshman in Hindu

                                              Epic Ramayan

Dharmanand             =    One who Takes Pleasure in his Religion

Dharmaveer             =    Protector of Religion

Dharmendra             =    God of Religion

DharmMitra             =    Friend of Religion

Dheerandra             =    God of Courage

Dheerendra             =    God of Courage

Dheivamani             =    Blessed Gem

Dhevaneyan             =    Pious

Dunnapothu             =    Buffalo or Ox or Yak

Dvaimatura             =    One who has Two Mothers

Dakshinayan             =    Some Movement of the Sun

Dakshithjai             =    Talented Win

Dayashankar             =    Merciful Lord Shiva

Deenabandhu             =    Friend of the Poor

Devachandra             =    Moon Among the Gods

Devadarshan             =    Related to the Gods

Devkinandan             =    Son of Devki; Lord Krishna

Dhanvantari             =    Doctor of Gods

Dharanidhar             =    Sheshnaag

Dharmaditya             =    Dharma's Sun; Devoted

Dhruddavrat             =    Strong Willed Meditator

Dhyaneshwar             =    Lord of Meditation

Divinanthan             =    Lord Murugan

Deenabandhav             =    Protector of the Downtrodden

Devakinandan             =    Son of Devki; Lord Krishna

Devendranath             =    Lord of the King of Gods

Dharamnishth             =    One who has Faith in Religion

Dharmasastha             =    Protector of Dharma

Dhoomravarna             =    Smoke-hued Lord

Duraimurugan             =    Lord Murugan

Devendrashika             =    Protector of All Gods

Dharmachandra             =    Dharma's Moon; Devoted

Dhavalachandra             =    White Moon

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