Hindu baby boy names starting with C

Name                Meaning

Cha             =    Chocolate

Candy             =    Chocolate

Chain             =    Peace

Chane             =    Name of a God; Dependability

Chiru             =    Little

Ceyone             =    Rising Sun

Chahat             =    Desire; Wish; Love

Chahel             =    Good Cheer

Chakor             =    A Bird Enamoured of the Moon

Chaman             =    Garden

Chanak              =    Father of Chaanakya

Chandu             =    Moon

Chanti             =    A Small Kid

Chapal             =    Quick; Swift; Lightning; Clever;


Charak             =    An Ancient Physician

Charan             =    Feet

Chatur             =    Clever

Chenna             =    Lord Vishnu

Cheran              =    Moon; The Chera King; From the

                                    Chera (Kerala)

Cherry             =    Fruit Name

Chetan             =    Consciousness; Life

Chikku             =    Sweet; Fruit

Chiman             =    Curious

Chinar             =    Name of a Beautiful Tree

Chinna             =    Small; Little One; Gold

Chintu             =    Sun; Small; Little

Chirag             =    Lamp; Prakash

Chitta             =    Mind

Cholan             =    A South Indian Dynasty

Chunky              =    Strong; Healthy

Chaital             =    Consciousness; New Year

Chaitan                             =    Name of Kautilya; The Great Scholar

Chakrit             =    Brilliant

Chakshu             =    Eye

Champak             =    A Flower

Chandak             =    The Moon

Chandan             =    Sandalwood Tree

Chandar             =    Moon

Chander             =    Moon

Chandra             =    The Moon; A Shining Moon;

                                     Night of Twilight

Charish             =    Grace

Charith             =    Character

Charvik             =    Intelligent

Chemmal             =    Premier; Best

Chinmay             =    Full of Knowledge; Blissful

Chintak                             =    Thinker; Wisher

Chintan             =    Thought; Meditation

Chintya             =    Worthy of Thought

Chirayu             =    Immortal

Chitesh             =    Lord of the Soul

Chitral             =    Of Variegated Colour

Chunmay             =    Supreme Consciousness

Chyavan             =    Name of a Saint; Divinely

                                      Inspired Sage

Chyohan             =    Nothing Like

Chakresh             =    Lord Vishnu

Chanakya             =    The Wise One; Bright; Great Scholar;

                                        Son of Chanaka

Chanchal             =    Restless

Chandrak             =    Peacock Feather

Chandran             =    The Moon

Chanyana             =    Moon

Charuhas             =    A Person with Beautiful Smile

Chatresh             =    Lord Shiva

Cheliyan             =    Rich; Resourceful; Prosperous

Chhandak             =    The Charioteer of Lord Buddha

Chhayank             =    Moon

Chidatma             =    Supreme Spirit

Chinchan             =    Name of a Character

Chinmayu             =    Supreme Consciousness

Chiranth             =    Eternal

Chithayu             =    Born of Intellect

Chitresh             =    Moon; Wonderful Lord

Chittesh             =    Lord of the Soul

Chaitanya             =    The Name of a Saint; Consciousness;

                                        Life; Knowledge; Movement

Chakradev             =    Lord Vishnu

Chalasani             =    Add Meaning

Chamanlal             =    Garden

Chandidas             =    Name of a Saint; Devotee of Chendi Devi

Chandresh             =    Lord of the Moon

Charanjit             =    One who has Won over the God

Charitesh             =    Character

Charudatt             =    Born of Beauty

Charukesa             =    Responsible, Loving, Self Protective

                                         and Compassionate

Charuvrat             =    Of Good Character

Chathurya             =    Clever

Chellapan             =    Precious

Chiatanya             =    God

Chidakash             =    Absolute Brahma

Chidambar             =    One whose Heart is as Big as the Sky

Chidhatma             =    Big Soul

Chirantan             =    Immortal

Chirtrang             =    With Multicoloured Body

Chitraksh             =    Beautiful Eyed

Chitrasen             =    A King of Gandharvas

Chudamani             =    Jewel Adorned by the Gods;

                                           Crest Jewel

Chakradhar             =    Name of Lord Vishnu

Chakrapani             =    Discus Holder

Chandrabha             =    Lusture of Moon Light

Chandrahas             =    A Person with a Beautiful Smile

Chandranan             =    Moon Like Face

Chandraraj             =    King of the Moon

Chandratha             =    Nectar of the Moon

Chandrayan             =    The Moon

Chandrpeed             =    Shiva

Charanjeet             =    Winning the Service of Guru's

                                            Lotus Feet; One who has Won

                                            over the Lord

Charudatta             =    Handsome; Beautiful

Charudutta             =    Born of Beauty

Charusheel             =    Of Good Character

Chaturanan             =    One with Four Faces; Brahma

Chaturbahu             =    Four Armed

Chaturbhuj             =    Broad Shouldered; Strong;

                                           Lord Vishnu

Chidananda             =    Brilliant; Lord Shiva

Chiranjeev             =    Lord Vishnu; Immortal

Chitrabahu             =    With Beautiful Hands

Chitragupt             =    God of Destiny

Chitraketu             =    With Beautiful Banner

Chitrarath             =    The Sun

Chanchareek             =    Bee

Chandrabhan             =    Lustrous as the Moon

Chandrachur             =    Lord Shiva

Chandragupt             =    Name of Ancient King

Chandrahaas             =    Smiling Like a Moon

Chandrakant             =    Beloved of the Moon; Moonstone

Chandraketu             =    Moon Banner

Chandranath             =    King of the Moon; The Moon;

                                              Lord Chandra (Moon)

Chandrayaan             =    Journey to Moon

Chandrodaya             =    Moonrise

Charuvindha             =    Striving for Beauty

Chetananand             =    Supreme Joy

Chhatrabhuj             =    Lord Vishnu

Chiranjeevi             =    Long Life

Chitrabhanu             =    The Sun; Fire

Chakravartee             =    A Sovereign King

Chakravarthi             =    King

Chakravarthy             =    King; Emperor; King of Kings

Chandavarman             =    An Old King

Chandraditya             =    Name of a King

Chandrakanth             =    Loved by the Moon

Chandrakiran             =    Moon Beam

Chandrakumar             =    The Moon

Chandramauli             =    Lord Shiva

Chandramohan             =    Attractive as the Moon

Chandramouli             =    Lord Shiva

Chandravadan             =    Moon-like Face

Charuchandra             =    Beautilful Moon; Son of Rukmini

                                                 and Sri Krishna

Chittaprasad             =    Happiness

Chittaranjan             =    Joy of Inner Mind

Chittaswarup             =    The Supreme Spirit

Chandrakirthi             =    As Famous as the Moon

Chandramadhav             =    Sweet

Chandrasekhar             =    Moon Crested

Chandrashekar             =    Lord Shiva

Charuvardhana             =    One who Enhances Beauty

Chevatkodiyon             =    Lord Murugan

Chinmayananda             =    Blissful

Chandrakishore             =    Moonstone

Chandraprakash             =    Moonlight

Chandravardhan             =    Moon

Chandra-Prakash             =    Sun and Moon