Saraswathi Mantra

Saraswathi Namastubhyam
Varade Kamarupini
Vidyarambam Karishyami
Siddhir Bhavatu Me Sada

saraswathi mantra

Sanskrit to English Word Meaning -

Saraswathi- O Goddess of Knowledge Saraswathi, Namstubhyam-I bow and provide salutations to you; varade-you are the one who gives us the boons that we ask; kamarupini- You are the one who fulfills all my desires; vidyarambaham-Providing knowledge and studies; karisyami-I am leaving; siddhirbhavatu-may there be fulfillment of all my wishes; me- for me; sada- always.

O ! Goddess Saraswathi , I bow and provide my saluations to you.You are the one who gives us the boons that we ask,you are the one who fulfils all of my desires,you had given me the power to start my studies,Am leaving ,Please bless me for the fulfilment of all my wishes always.

Brief Explanation
This prayer is chanted before we attend a class (or) at the beginning of one's studies,so that all the leaving may resolve in knowledge alone.This is to address to Goddess Saraswathi .

Goddess saraswathi who resembles the symbol to all forms of Knowledge ,who is the power of speech and arts,As knowledge is a most important pursuit to human life.And a life of study and learning will automatically provide discipline to the human intellect.In the vedic culture studies are considered one's duty.