Lord Vishnu or Vishnu Lord

lord vishnu
Lord Vishnu is the second member of the Hindu Trinity.He is said to be the preserver/sustainer of life,He saves the principles of order ,dharma and righeousness.When ever these principles are threatened and the people on earth are in danger he comes out in different Avatars to the earth to restore the principles and save his devotees.He was  also called Hari and Narayan as he removes all the sorrows of his devotees.

Lord Vishnu has a total of ten incarnations(Avatars).These include Matsya(fish),Koorma(Tortoise),Varaaha(Boar),Narasimha(Man Lion),Vaamana(The dwarf),Parasurama(The angry Man),Lord Rama(The perfect human of the Ramayana),Lord Krishna,Buddha and Kalki who is yet to come.

Lord Vishnu has four attributes (or) Weapons.One hand holds chakra(Discus) which represents the time and lead a good life.One hand holds the Lotus(padma) which gives example to the existence.The othe holds the cunch (or) sankha which helps in destroying the evil forces.The forth hand holds a Mace(gada) which indicates the power and to punish the evil forces with it.

Lord Vishnu has a vehicle Gaurada(Egle-The King of Birds) which spreads the vice knowledge with great courage.Some times he is also seen on a many headed cobra(sheshanaag) in the ocean bed,which represents the shaping Universe.

Lord Vishnu's consort is Goddess Lakshmi who is also known for the Goddess of wealth.In the Ten incarnations Rama and Lord Krishna are the most worshiped incarnation's in India.

Mantra -

"Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya"

It's Meaning that I bow to the Lord who lives in the hearts of all.When a person chants this Mantra Lord will vanish all th obstacles and hard ships of his Life.
Some of the powerful mantras of Lord Vishnu are Damodarastakam and  Madhurashtakam