Lord Shiva or Lord Siva

lord shiva
Lord shiva is the Third Member of the Hindu Trinity gods.Lord shiva is one of the most powerfull gods of the Hindu Pantheon.He is known by many other names such as Nataraja,Mahadeva,Vishwanath,Maha yogi,Bhole Nath and Bhava.In temples Lord Shiva is usually found in symbol called "Shiva Linga".Lord Shiva also holds Goddess Ganga and a crescent Moon on his Head.A cobra snake around his neck,a trishul(Trident) in his hand and tiger skin and ashs smeared all over his body.

Lord shiva's consort is Goddess Parvati is belived to be the core power force of the Universe,because of his responsibility for death and destruction,whereas Lord Brahma the creator or preserver .Lord shiva destroys in order to create,since death is the medium for rebirth in to a new life.This will represent the life and death and creation and destruction which reside in his character.Some times Lord Shiva is seen riding on a bull called Nandi decked in garlands.On Maha Shivaratri devotees worship Lord shiva,especiallythe Menfolk,prepare a drink called Thandai(made from almonds and Milk) sing songs in praise of Lord Shiva.

Mantra -
"Om Namah Shivaya"
Meaning -
When a person chants this Mantra impurities,doubts and anxieties are destroyed.Lord shiva will immediately shower his blessings on the devotees.
Lord shiva can be pleased when his devotees chant Lingashtakam , Vaidyanatha Ashtakam and Maha Mrityumjaya Mantra once a day.