Hinduism Mantras and Shlokas

Mantra comes from a sanskrit word which means a “sacred message or text, charm, spell, counsel ,which when chanted with devotion, faith and emotion for the concerned God or Goddess or deity to get their divine blessings. For divine help one must link with divine forces but most of humans do not have knowledge of these forces and have no link whatsoever. But when an individual starts spelling a Mantra related to a particular God or Goddess regularly the gap between him and the concerned divine force steadily reduces. By regular use of Mantra a bond link is formed and through this one could then gain any desired boon within the power of the deity.

One could obtain wealth, prosperity, fame, fearlessness, success and spiritual upliftment, but for each a different Mantra is chanted and a different deity propitiated.

hindu slokas

1.Gayatri Mantra

2.Ganesh sloka , Ganesha mantra

3.Mahalakshmi Stotram

4.Durga Mantra

5.Hanuman slokas

6.Saraswathi Mantra

7.Vishnu Shlokam

8.Prabhata shlokam

9.Maha Mrityumjaya Mantra

10.Rama Mantra

11.Sri Lingashtakam


13.Navagraha Slokas

14.Guru mantras

15.Bhaja Govindam

16.Sri BilvaashTakam

17.Sri Mookaambika Pancharatna Stotram

18.Eka slokas

19.Vaidyanatha Ashtakam

20.Shri shanaishchara stotram,Shani Mahadasha

21.Krishna Shlokams


23.Deepa Shlokam (Lamp)