Hindu baby girl names starting with S

Name                        Meaning

Savita              =     Moon; Sun

Sawini            =     A River

Sayuri             =     Flower

Seerat             =     Heart; Inner Beauty; Fame;

                                  Internal Nature; Wisdom

Serena            =     Joy; Quiet

Serima            =     Enjoy

Sevati             =     White Rose

Sevita             =     Cherished

Shabab           =     Beauty

Shachi             =     Wife of Lord Indra

Shaila              =     Stone; Mountain; Goddess Parvati;

                                  Speech; Black Eye of a Flower

Shaili               =     Style

Shaivi              =     Prosperity

Shaivy             =     Belongs to Lord Shiva

Shakti             =     Goddess Durga; Power

Shalya             =     Wonderful

Shamim                         =     Fire; Sweet Scent; Flame

Shampa                          =     Lightning

Shansa            =     Praise

Shanta            =     Peaceful; Daughter of Kind Dasarath

Shanti             =     Peace

Sharan            =     Getting Shelter; A Plain; It Refers to

                                  Flat Land at the Foot of Mount Carmel;

                                 Good Child

Sharda            =     A Goddess

Shasha            =     Moon

Shauna           =     God is Gracious; Female Version

                                  of Shaun; Sean

Shayna           =     Beautiful

Sheela            =     Wife of Lord Brahma; Irish Form of

                                  Cecilia Blind; Blind; Cool; Good Character;

                                 One with Good Morals

Shelly             =     From the Ledge Meadow;

                                  Meadow on the Ledge; Little Rock;

                                   Ewe; Female Sheep; Style; Manner;

                                   Method; Language

Shichi              =     Glow; Goddess Durga

Shikha            =     Flame; Top of a Mountain

Shilpa             =     Statue; Well-proportioned; Stone;

                                  A Decorated Statue Made from Stone

Shipra             =     A River; Pure

Shirin              =     Sweet; Pleasant; Gentle; Delicate;

                                  Goddess of Sculpture

Shiuli              =     A Flower

Shivli               =     Flower

Shloka            =     Verse

Shobha          =     Attractive; Splendour

Shravi             =     Cool

Shraya            =     Shresth

Shreya            =     Lucky; Excellent; Credit; To Give Credit to

                                  Someone; Auspicious; Better; The Best Forever;

                                  Goddess Lakshmi; Beautiful; Strong; Brave;

                                 Wisdom; Intelligence; Fortunate; Successful;

                                  Pure; Favourable

Shrija              =     Beautiful Girl; Girl of Jain

Shrika             =     Fortune; Wealth; Prosperty; Small Whistle;

                                  Name of a Bird

Shrila              =     Beautiful

Shrina             =     Night

Shrita              =     One of the Name of Goddess Lakshmi

Shriya             =     Prosperity; Auspicious; Lucky; Better;

                                  The Best Forever; Goddess Lakshmi; Beautiful

Shruti              =     A Musical Tone; Beautiful; Different; Hearing;

                                  Veidik Text; Expert in Vedas; Intelligent;

                                   Different in All

Shubha           =     Auspicious; Shining; Goddess Lakshmi

Shuchi            =     Pure

Shukla            =     Goddess Saraswati

Shukti             =     Pearl-oyster

Shulka            =     Goddess Saraswati

Shveni            =     White

Shveta            =     White

Shweta           =     Pure; Bright; White; Lovable; Purity;

                                  Clear by Heart; Sweet; Fair Complexioned

Shyama                          =     Dark as Cloud; Goddess Kali

Sibani             =     Goddess Parvati

Siddhi             =     Prosperity; Wealthy; Achievement; Memory;

                                 Mind; Lord Ganesh's Wife; Ready to Protect;

                                 Goddess; Ability of Success

Sikata              =     Sand

Siksha             =     Teachings

Simona           =     Listen; Snub-nosed; Heard; Listening Intently;

                                God has Heard-hears; Female Version of Simon

Simran            =     Remembrance; Meditation; Beautiful

Sindhu            =     Ocean; River; Water

Sipika              =     Cute

Sisira               =     Winter

Sitara              =     A Star; Morning Star

Sitesh             =     Wife of Lord Ram

Sivani              =     Parvati

Siyona            =     Graceful; Happy

Skanda           =     Son of Lord Shiva; Lord Karthik's Name

Smitha            =     Smiling; Blossomed

Smrita             =     Remembered

Smriti              =     Immortal; Recollect; Recollection; Memory

Smruti            =     Memory

Snetha            =     Snake; Friendly

Snigda            =     Affectionate

Sohana           =     Graceful

Sohini             =     Splendid; Adorned; Beautiful

Somila            =     Tranquil

Sonali             =     Golden

Sonica             =     Add Meaning

Sonika            =     Gold; Golden

Soorat             =     Beauty; Face

Soumya                          =     Beautiful; Soft Nature; Decent

Sowkya                          =     Decent

Sowmya                         =     Beauty; Calm; Maa Durga's Name;

                                                   Peace; Name of Smile

Spriha             =     Being Attached to the World

Sradha            =     Concentration

Sragvi              =     Tulasi; Sacred Basil Plant

Sravya             =     Melody

Sreeja             =     The Jatika of Goddess Lakshmi

Sreema                          =     Good Name; Prosperous

Sreeya            =     Goddess Lakshmi

Sresta             =     Best

Sresti              =     Best

Sridha             =     Part of Goddess Laxmi

Srisha              =     Flower

Sristi                =     Creation

Sritha              =     Goddess Lakshmi

Srivya              =     God Durga

Sriyaa              =     Worthful; Lakshmi

Srushi             =     Fish (in Chineese)

Srusti              =     Creation

Sruthi              =     Hearing; Knowledge of Vedas;

                                    Sources of Dharma; Music

Subela            =     Subh Ghari

Sudena           =     Lakshmi; A Real Goddess

Sudevi            =     Wife of Krishna

Suditi              =     Brightest Flame

Sugita             =     Beautifully Sung

Suguna           =     Good Natured; Very Virtuous

Suhala            =     Good Girl

Suhana           =     Pleasant; Pure; Bright Ray of the Sun

Suhani            =     Cheerful; Pleasant; Pretty

Suhasa            =     Smiley

Suhasi             =     Good Smilie

Suhela            =     Easily Accessible

Suhina            =     Beautiful

Suhita             =     Beneficial; Suitable

Sujala              =     Affectionate

Sujana            =     A Great Success

Sujata             =     Of Good Caste

Sujaya             =     Victory

Sujith              =     Nice Body

Suksha            =     Beautiful Eyes

Suksma                          =     Fine

Sukthi             =     Shining

Sulbha            =     Easily Available

Suleka            =     Good Information

Suloch            =     One with Beautiful Eyes

Sumana                          =     Good Natured; Flower

Sumati            =     Good Minded; Wisdom

Sumita            =     A Good Friend

Sumona                         =     Calm

Sunaya           =     Very Just

Sundha           =     A Character in Ramayana

Sunila             =     Blue

Sunita             =     Well-behaved; Polite; One with

                                  Good Morals; Gracious; Feeling;

                                   Intelligent; Well Behaved

Suniti              =     Good Principles

Surama           =     Very Pleasing

Surasa             =     Goddess Durga

Suravi             =     Sun

Surina             =     A Goddess

Surupa            =     Beautiful

Sushma                          =     Beautiful Woman

Susila              =     Wife of Krishna; Clever in Amorous Sciences

Susita              =     White

Susree            =     Beautiful

Sutapa            =     Seeker of God

Sutara             =     Holy Star

Suvali              =     Full of Grace

Svadhi            =     Thoughtful

Svecha            =     Freedom

Svitra              =     White

Swapna                          =     Dream; Dream-like

Swaram                          =     Tone; Lyric

Swarna           =     Gold

Swasti             =     Name of a Star

Swathi            =     A Star; Pure as a Pearl

Swecha                          =     Freedom

Sweety           =     Lovely; Happiness

Swetha           =     Beautiful Girl; Lovely; Pure as Milk;

                                  Fair Complexioned; Pure; Cute

Sabitha           =     Sunshine

Sabrang                          =     Rainbow

Sachika           =     Kind

Sachita           =     Consciousness

Sadgati           =     Liberation

Sadguna                         =     Good Virtues

Sadhana                         =     Long Practice; Study; Fulfilment

Sadhghi                          =     Having Clean and Good Heart

Sadhika                          =     Achiever

Sadiqua                          =     Kindly

Sadvika                          =     Related to God

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