Hindu baby girl names starting with S

Name                             Meaning

Sa                    =      Sweet; Happy; Exalted; Charming;


Sai                   =      Friend; Flower; Natural; Everywhere;

                                The Loved One; Strong; God; Close Friend

Sha                  =      Natural; Goddess Durga; Form of

                                   Shakshi / Shatvika

Sri                    =      Radiance; Diffusing Light; God Lakshmi;

                                  Money; Bright Light

Sun                 =      The Sun; Obedient

Saee               =      Flower; Female Friend

Sama              =      Weather; Of a Peaceful Nature; Similarity;

                                  A Year

Sana               =      Prayer; Resplendence; Brilliance; Mountain Top;

                                  Brightness; Radiance; Lasting Long; To Gaze; Look;

                             Loud; Old; Majestic; Worship to Gaze or Look; Beauty

Sani               =      Gift

Sara                =      Pure; Lady; Excellent; Form of Sarah; Queen;

                                 Abraham's Wife; Priceless; Inestimable; Solid;

                                 Precious; Best; Star; Happy; Beautiful; Princess

Sasi                 =      River Sharayu; An Apsara; Moon

Sati                 =      Chaste Woman; Lord Mahadev's Wife Name

Seva               =      Worship

Shai                =      Gift

Shri                 =      Lustre

Sini                 =      Blue

Siri                  =      Beauty; Diamond; Gold; Platinum; Wealth;

                                  God's Gift of Love; Money; Goddess

                                   Saraswati / Lakshmi

Sita                 =      Wife of Lord Rama

Siya                 =      Flawless Woman; Goddess Sita

Sneh               =      Love

Soma              =      Moon-rays; Somras; A Type of Wine

Sona               =      Gold

Sony               =      Beauty

Suha               =      Rejoicing; A Raga; Name of a Star;

                                  Forgotten; Overlooked

Suma              =      Flower; Natural; Everywhere; God; Born

                                  During the Summer; Beautiful Line;

                                 To Ask; Good Mother

Sachi              =      Wife of Lord Indra; Child of Joy; Truth;

                                  Grace; Girl Child of Bliss

Sadaf              =      Pearl; Sea Shell; Lord Ram's Devotees;


Safia               =      Chaste; Lion's Share; Pure; Best Friend;


Sahja              =      Natural

Sahoj              =      Strong

Sahya             =      A Name of a Mountain in India

Saija               =      Princess

Saina              =      Princess; Reflection of Sai

Sajni               =      Beloved

Sakhi              =      Friend

Sakya             =      Possible

Samay            =      Time

Samit             =      Collected

Sandy             =      Protector of Mankind; Form of Alexander;

                                  From Cassandra; Prophetess;

                                   Defending Man; Nickname for Sandra;

                                    Defender of Mankind

Sania              =      Brilliant; Moment; Happy; First in

                                  Whatever She want

Sanvi              =      Beauty; Goddess Laxmi; Goddess Durga; Fact

Sapna             =      Dream

Sarit                =      River; Princess

Sarla               =      Straight Forward

Saryu              =      River Sharayu

Sasha             =      Defending Men; Feminine of Alexander;

                                   Defender and Helper of Mankind

Sashi              =      Moon

Sasya              =      Grain

Satha              =      Dishonest

Satvi               =      Existence

Satya              =      Truth

Saura              =      Celestial

Savya             =      Perfect

Seema           =      Limit; Boundary; Border; Face; Symbol;

                                  Precious Thing; Treasure; Sprout; Wave

Sejal               =      River Water; Pure Water

Selma            =      Fair; Protected by God; God's Helmet; Safe;

                                 Will Helmet; God's Protection; Divinely Protected;

                                 Sacrifice; Well Spoken; Helmet of God

Sesha             =      Serpent who Symbolises Time; Good Behaviour

Sethu             =      Bridge; Name of a Mountain in Bhagavatham

Shama           =      Light; A Flame; Silk-cotton Tree

Shari               =      Arrow

Sheen            =      Brightness; Snow

Shika              =      Deer

Shila               =      Rock

Shiny              =      Shining; Brightness; Bright

Shiri                =      Song of My Soul; Bright Meadow; Tune; Melody;

                                  Poetry; Song

Shivi               =      Name of a Great King in Hindu Mythology

Shiya              =      Bright

Shoni             =      One of Complexion of Red Lotus

Shree             =      Prosperous; Wife of the God Vishnu;

                                  Goddess Laxmi

Shyla              =      Blind; Daughter of the Mountain;

                                  Goddess Parvati

Sikta               =      Attractive; Wet

Silpa               =      Stone; Devoted; Honest

Silva               =      Woodland Maid; Wooded; Forest;

                                   From the Woods / Forest

Sloka              =      Hymn; Words; It's is Like a Slokam

                                  in Any Language

Smera            =      Smiley

Smija              =      Flower

Smita             =      Smiling; Smile; Ever Smiling Lady

Sneha            =      Love; Affectionate; Wife of Rishi Sandeep;


Snehi             =      Loving; Dashing; Friendly

Sobha            =      Glorious; Virtuous; Splendour; Brilliance

                                   Beauty; Grace

Sohni             =      Beautiful

Sonal              =      Golden; Soft Hearted

Sonam           =      Beautiful; Gold

Sonia              =      Beautiful; Pretty; Wise; Wisdom; Where She

                                  Goes Happiness Brings; Skill; Golden;

                                   Name which Brings Happiness

Souju             =      Compassion

Sreya              =      Excellent; Best; Beautiful; Excell

Srida               =      Given by Lakshmi; Bestowing Fortune

Sriha               =      Flower

Srija                =      Who Creates

Srini                =      Love

Sripu              =      Flowers Devoted to God

Sriya               =      Goddes Laxmi; Prosperity; Simplicity;

                                  Lovable; Affectionate

Stuti               =      Praise; Prayer; Happiness

Subhi             =      Lucky

Suchi              =      Radiant; Glow

Sudha            =      Nectar

Suhag             =      Love

Supti              =      Sleep

Susan             =      Holy and Desent; A Pretty Plant; Flower;

                                  Lily; Lotus

Sushi              =      Lord Parvati

Svaha             =      Wife of Fire God

Svana             =      Sound

Svara              =      Goddess of Sound

Swaha            =      Wife of Agni; The Lord of the Fire

Swara             =      A Musical Tone; Musical Notes;

                                 Tune; Self Shining

Swati              =      Precious Drop; Name of the

                                Brightest Star; A Nakshatra; God

Sweta            =      As Pure as Milk; Fair Complexioned

Sweya            =      Good Attitude

Saanvi            =      Rainbow; Goddess Lakshmi

Sabita            =      Beautiful Sunshine

Sadhna          =      Worship

Sadhri            =      Conqueror

Sadhvi           =      Virtuous Woman

Sadhya          =      Good Habits; Queen; Perfection

Saeeda          =      Priestly

Saesha           =      With Great Desire and Wish

Sagari             =      Of the Ocean

Saguna          =      Calm; Possessed of Good Qualities

Sahaja            =      Natural; Original; Innate; Normal

Sahana          =      A Raga; Patience

Sahara           =      Desert; The Moon; Wilderness

Saheli            =      Friend

Sahiba           =      The Lady; Queen

Sahila             =      Guide

Sahima          =      Snowed

Sahith            =      Well Thoughts for Others

Sahiti             =      Literature of Music; Literature

Saikya            =      Good

Sajala             =      Clouds

Sajani             =      Loving; Well Loved

Sajili               =      Decorated

Sakina            =      Friend; Tranquillity Calm; Devout;

                                 God-inspired Peace of Mind; Peaceful;

                                  She was a Narrator of Hadith

Sakshi            =      Princess; Real; Truth; Witness; Justice;

                                  Proof; Cute Princess; Loved by Everyone;

                                  Grace; Purity; Pluck; Witness Truth

Salena           =      The Moon

Salila              =      Water

Salima           =      Happy; Safe; Healthy; Sound

Saloni            =      Beautiful

Samali           =      Bouquet

Samata          =      Equality

Samika          =      Peaceful

Samira           =      A Chameli Flower; Pleasant Community;

                                  Evening Conversationalist; Friend of the Night;

                                 Gust of Wind; Cool Breeze; One who Reconciles;

                                 A Chame

Samita           =      Collection of Knowledge; Collected

Samiya          =      Incomparable; A Celestial Dancer

Samrin           =      Good Result

Samrta           =      Provided with Nectar

Sanaya           =      Eminent; Distinguished

Sandya          =      Sunset Time; Name of a God

Sanemi          =      Perfect

Sangya           =      Intellect; Wife of Surya Dev

Sanika            =      Flute

Saniya            =      Moment; Moment in Time; Radiant;

                                  Brilliant; High; Exalted; Harmony

Sankul           =      Full of

Sanoja           =      Eternal

Santhi            =      Peace; Enjoy

Santra            =      Sweet Like an Orange

Sarada           =      Goddess Saraswati

Sarala             =      Straight; Honest; Simple; Straight Forward

Sarama          =      Wife of Bibhisan

Sarani            =      Protecting

Sarasa            =      Swan

Sarasi             =      Lake

Sarayu           =      A Holy River; Goddess Lakshmi; Wind

Sarena           =      Form of Sarah; Princess

Sarika             =      Sun; A Parrot; Princess; Koel; Cuckoo;

                                  A Thing of Beauty; Nature

Sarita             =      River; Princess; Lady; Durga Devi; Stream

Saroja            =      Lotus; Born in a Lake

Sarupa           =      Beautiful

Sastha            =      Another Name of Ayyapa Swami

Sasthi             =      Goddess Durga

Saumya         =      Mild; Gentle; Delicate; Sensitive

Saumyi          =      Moonlight

Saveri            =      With Saffron; A Ragini

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