Hindu baby boy names starting with M

Name                           Meaning

Mo             =    Honoured; Nickname for Name Mohan;

                             Love; God Name; Murugan

Moh             =    Love; Short Form of Mohan

Maan             =    Heart; Mind; Lecturer; Respect

Magh             =    Name of a Hindu Month

Mail             =    Manohur

Mani             =    A Jewel; A Painter who Later Claimed

                        to be a Prophet; Lord Shiva; Father of Ketil

Manu             =    Original Man; Letter; Founder Father

                                  of Human Beings; Born Second

Meer             =    Chief; Mayor; Leader

Meet             =    Hero; Friend; Very Intelligent

Megh             =    Cloud

Meru             =    Famous Mountain in Hindu Mythology;

                                High Point

Moni             =    Silent

Moti             =    Pearl

Muni             =    Sage

Madan             =    Cupid; God of Love

Madhu             =    Honey; Nectar

Madin             =    Delightful

Madur             =    A Bird

Magan             =    Engrossed

Mahaj             =    A Nobel Descent

Mahin             =    The Earth

Mahir             =    Expert; Industrious; Skilled

Mahit             =    Son of Earth; Honoured

Makul             =    A Bud

Makur             =    Mirror

Malay             =    A Mountain of Sandalwood's Tree

                                 Located Near Mysore

Manan             =    Thought; Thinking; Repetition

Manas             =    Wise; Mind; Power

Manav             =    Human; Man

Manik             =    Ruby; Gem; A Light Pink to Blood

                                  Red Gemstone

Manit             =    Highly Respected

Manju             =    Beautiful; Pleasant; Snow; Dew Drops;

                                 Sweet; Heart Winner

Manoj             =    Born of the Mind; Genious

Manth             =    Thought

Manuj             =    Son of Manu

Manyu             =    Mind

Maral             =    Swan

Marut             =    The Wind

Mathi             =    Gift of God

Mayon             =    The Black God

Mayur             =    Peacock; Lord Krishna

Medha             =    Cloud

Mehdi             =    A Flower; Guided; Thunder

Mehul             =    Rain; A Derivative of Mukul; Cloud

Mihir             =    The Sun

Mikul             =    Comrade

Milan             =    Union; Gracious; Dear; Glory;

                               Favour; Grace

Milap             =    Union; Charitable

Milit             =    Comradeship

Milun             =    Union

Mintu             =    Strong; Healthy; Good

Mirza             =    A Prince; Title for Mogul

Misal             =    Example

Miten             =    Male Friend

Mitra             =    The Sun; Friend

Mitul             =    Like a Friend; Limited; Friend

Modak             =    Pleasing

Mohak             =    Attractive

Mohal             =    Attractive; Sweet; Lovable;

                                Inteligent; Smart; Handsome

Mohan             =    Fascinating; Charming; Beauteous;

                               Attractive; Lord Murugan; Lord Krishna

Mohin             =    Attractive

Mohit             =    Ganesh; Impression of Other; En-snarled

                                by Beauty; Attracted; Attractive Name of

                               Lord Krishana and Shiva; Ensnarled by Beauty;


Mohul             =    Attractive

Moksh             =    Salvation

Monee             =    Attractive

Mouli             =    Shiva; Wearing

Mriga             =    A Female Deer

Mudil             =    Moonshine

Mudit             =    Happy; Kind

Mukil             =    Cloud

Mukul             =    Bud

Mukut             =    Crown

Munna             =    Sweet; Honey

Murad             =    Prowess; Will; Purpose;

                                 Wish; Desire; Object

Murli             =    Flute

Maanas             =    Human

Madava             =    Lord Krishna

Maderu             =    Worthy of Praise

Madesh             =    Lord Shiva

Madhav             =    Sweet Like Honey; Lord Krishna

Madhuk             =    A Honeybee

Madhup             =    Attraction; A Honeybee

Magadh             =    Son of Yadu

Magesh             =    Lord Shiva

Mahant             =    Great

Mahesh             =    God of Love; Lord Shiva;

                                   Dashing; A Great Ruler; Supreme God

Mahish             =    A King; Ceremoniously Crowned King

Mahith             =    Honoured

Mahtab             =    The Moon; Light of Moon

Mainak             =    A Mountain a Himalayan Peak

Malank             =    King

Malhar             =    A Raga Used in Indian Music

Mallik             =    Great

Mamraj             =    Lord of Affection

Manava             =    Youth; Gold

Mandan             =    Adorning

Mandar             =    A Mountain; A Flower; A Celestial Tree;

                                    Flower; Lord Ganesh

Mandin             =    Delighting

Mandir             =    Temple

Maneet             =    One who Wins Heart

Mangal             =    Auspicious; Well Being

Manhar             =    Lord Krishna

Manish             =    God of Mind; Intellect; Gender;

                                  This Name Related to God

Manith             =    Honoured

Manjul             =    Handsome

Mannan             =    Meditate; King in Malayalam;

                                    Benefactor; Bountiful

Mannat             =    Wish

Manoha             =    Beautiful

Manoth             =    Born of the Mind

Manvit             =    Human

Mardav             =    Softness

Maruti             =    Lord Hanuman

Maulik             =    Precious

Mayank             =    Lucky; Pure One; Lord Moon

Mayukh             =    Sun

Meghaj             =    Pearl

Mehith             =    Always Smiling

Mehtab             =    The Moon

Mekhal             =    Girdle; Belt

Miheer             =    Lord Sun

Miland             =    Bee

Milind             =    Honey Bee

Minesh             =    King of Mina

Mitesh             =    One with Few Desires; Money

Mithil             =    Kingdom

Mithun             =    Gemini; Couple

Monash             =    Spiritual; Analytical; Focused

Monish             =    Lord of Mind

Moorti             =    An Idol

Moulik             =    Valuable

Mourya             =    Name of a King in India

Mridul             =    Soft; Calm

Mrigaj             =    Son of the Moon

Mruduv             =    Soft

Mudgal             =    A Saint

Mudita             =    Happy

Mukesh             =    Shiva; Cupid; Lord of the Dumb;

                                    Lord Shiva; Lord of Dumb

Mukund             =    Lord Krishna

Mumtaz             =    Conspicuous; Exquisite;

                                   One who is Distinguished

Munish             =    Lord Buddha

Murali             =    Flute; Lord Krishna

Murari             =    Lord Krishna

Murthy             =    Statue; Vishnu

Madhava             =    Lord Krishna

Madhesh             =    God Name

Mahadev             =    Most Powerful God; Lord Shiva

Mahakal             =    Lord of Siva

Mahanth             =    Great

Maharth             =    Very Truthful

Mahatru             =    Lord Vishnu

Mahipal             =    A King

Makhesh             =    Lord Krishna

Makrand             =    Honey

Mallesh             =    Lord Shiva

Malolan             =    Name of Deity in Ahobilam

Manasyu             =    Wishing; Desiring

Mandeep             =    Light of the Mind; Light of Sages;


Mandith             =    Adorned

Mangesh             =    Lord Shiva

Manidra             =    Precious Stone which Gives a Lot

                                     of Happiness and Prosperity

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