Hindu baby boy names starting with L

Name                            Meaning

Lo                          =   Talent; Smart

Luv                        =   Son of Lord Rama

Labh                     =   Gain; Advantage

Ladu                     =   King

Lagan                    =   Appropriate Time

Lahar                     =   Wave

Laksh                     =   Aim

Lalam                    =   Jewel

Lalit                       =   Beautiful

Laran                     =   The Psychic Powers and

                                     Abilities of the Comyn Caste

Latif                       =   Gentle; Pleasant; Caress or Gentle Slap;

                                      Generous; Enigmatic; Gracious; Fine;

                                       Refined; Kind

Lavan                    =   One of Obidence

Lehar                     =   Wave

Lohit                      =   Metal Mind; Soft Heart; Red;

                                       Made of Copper; Mars;

                                         Bramhaputra River

Lucas                     =   Bringer of Light; A Region of

                                      Southern Italy; Man from Lucania;


Lucky                     =   Fortunate; A Region of Southern

                                       Italy; A Sage; The Ample of God

Luhit                     =   Name of a River

Laghun                 =   Quick

Lalith                     =   Beautiful; Intelligence; Sharpness

Latesh                   =   New; Warrior

Lathik                    =   Very Powerful

Latish                    =   Truth

Lavana                  =   Handsome

Lavith                    =   Lord Shiva

Lavnya                  =   Beauty; Grace

Laxman                =   Lord Rama's Brother

Likhit                     =   Written; Lucky

Lochan                  =   The Eye

Lohith                   =   Lord Shiva; Beautiful

Lokesh                  =   God; King of World; Lord Shiva;

                                      Lord Brahma

Lomash                =   A Sage

Lovesh                  =   Love; Lovable Person

Lukesh                  =   King of the Empire

Lakshan                =   Activities; Aim

Lakshin                 =   Lord Siva; With Auspicious Marks

Lakshya                =   Aim

Laniban                =   Lord Shiva

Lankesh               =   Enemy of Lord Rama; King Ravana

Lavitra                  =   Lord Shiva

Leekhit                 =   Warrior

Likhith                  =   Written

Lokajit                  =   Conqueror of World

Loknath                =   Lord of All Worlds; Lord Vishnu

Loshith                 =   Lot of Love

Lakshman            =   Prosperous; Younger Brother of Rama

Lambodar            =   Lord Ganesh

Lathiram              =   Lord Rama Name

Liladhar                =   Lord Vishnu

Logithan              =   Leek Garden; Garden of Onnion

Lohendra             =   Lord of Three Worlds

Lokender             =   King of the Earth

Lakshanya           =   One who Achieves

Lohitaksh            =   Lord Vishnu

Lokakriti              =   Creator of the World

Lokanetra            =   Eye of the World

Lokapujya           =   Worshipped by the Universe;

                                      Lord Hanumaan

Lokranjan            =   Lord Vishnu

Lalitkumar          =   Beautiful

Lalitmohan         =   Beautiful and Attractive

Lambakarna       =   Large-eared Lord

Lohitaksha          =   Lord Vishnu

Lohitashwa         =   One with Red Horse; Fire

Lohithaswa         =   Lord Shiva; Weapon of Siva (Trishul);

                                      The Horse of Surya

Lokbhushan       =   Ornament of the World

Lokpradeep        =   Gautam Budha

Lokprakash         =   Light of the World

Lakshmidhar      =   Lord Vishnu

Lakshmikant      =   Vishnu; Husband of Goddess Lakshmi

Lakshmipati       =   Husband of Lakshmi

Lalitaditya           =   Beautiful Sun

Lakshmibanta    =   Fortunate

Lakshmigopal    =   Lord Vishnu

Lakshmikanta    =   Lord Vishnu

Lakshmiraman  =   Lord Vishnu

Lalitchandra       =   Beautiful Moon

Lalitkishore        =   Beautiful

Leelakrishna      =   Lord Krishna

Laxmisrinivas    =   Beautiful; Srinivas is Lord Vishnu,

                                   so Meaning of Name is Lakshmi Vishnu