Hindu baby girl names starting with L

Name                  Meaning

La                 =     Sun

Lav              =     Love

Lali              =     Blushing; Darling;

                            Song Girls; Well Spoken

Lata             =     Creeper; Vine

Lily              =     Lily; Form of Lillian; Manuscripts of God;

                             Lily Flower; A Symbol of Purity

Lipi              =     Script; Manuscripts of God

Lola             =     Lady of Sorrows; Strong Woman; Sorrow;

                             Little and Womanly; Female Version of Charles;

                            Carl; Renowned in Battle; Fickle; Changing; Beautiful;

                            Goddess Lakshmi

Lona           =     Bliss; Solitary One; Lioness; Ready for Battle;

                             Beautiful; Pretty; Lion Strengths

Lopa           =     Wife of Sage; Weaver; Name of Goddess Durga

Labha         =     Profit

Ladhi          =     Sangeet

Ladli           =     Loved One; The Dearest One

Lajja            =     Modesty

Lakhi          =     Goddess Laxmi

Lalan          =     Nurturing

Lasya          =     Graceful; Happy; Dance Performed by

                              Goddess Parvati

Latha          =     Small Creeper; Sweet Like Flower

Laxmi         =     Goddess of Wealth

Leela          =     Divine Drama; Play; Amusement;

                             Night; Goddess of Wealth

Leena         =     A Devoted One; Tender; Light; Free Man;

                            Palm Tree; Feminine Diminutive Form of Charles;

                            Carl; A Man; Wet Meadow; Little and Womanly;

                            Plant of Dates; Soft; Mild; Clemency; Variant of Helen

Lekha         =     Writing; Picture

Lekya         =     Write

Leora          =     Light

Libni           =     Manuscripts of God

Lilly             =     Lily; The Flower Lily is a Symbol of Innocence;

                             Purity and Beauty; Lily Flower; Variant of Lillian

                             Derived from the Flower Name Lily; Purity; Beauty

Linda          =     Pretty One

Lithi            =     Beautiful

Livya           =     I am with God

Lucia           =     Bringer of Light; Light; The Light of India

Laasya        =     Graceful; Dance Performed by Goddess Parvathi

Laboni       =     Graceful

Labuki        =     Musical Instrument

Lahari         =     Waves; Tender

Lajita          =     Modest

Laksha       =     Aim; White Rose

Laksmi       =     Goddess Laksmi

Lalana        =     A Beautiful Woman

Lalasa         =     Love

Lalima        =     Beauty; Wife of Vishnu; Redness

Lalini          =     Smooth

Lalita          =     Beautiful Woman; Variety; Beauty; Talkative;

                             Lovely; Desirable; Graceful

Lasaki         =     Sita; Made of Lac

Latika         =     Related to Rose; Darling Name; Small Creeper;

                              Sweet; Elegant

Lavali         =     Clove

Lavani        =     Grace

Layana       =     Lives by the Lane

Leisha        =     Happiness; Beautiful Angel

Lekhna      =     Write

Lekhya       =     Mathematician

Lenina       =     Beautiful

Lipika         =     Litters; Alphabets; Short Letter

Lohini        =     Red Skinned

Lohita        =     Red; Ruby; Lilli; Sunlight

Lolita          =     Ruby; Sorrows

Loukya       =     Goddess Lakshmi; Worldly Wise

Lowkya      =     Universe

Laahini      =     Add Meaning

Laghima                    =     Goddess Parvathi

Laghuvi                     =     Tender

Lajvati        =     Shy

Lajwati      =     Modest

Lakshmi                    =     Goddess of Wealth; Wife of Vishnu

Lakshna                     =     Decent

Lalitha       =     A Woman; A Form of Durga

Lalitya        =     Durga Loveliness; Charm; Loveliness

Laqshya                     =     Target

Laranya                     =     Good Laxmi; Graceful

Lashika      =     Goddess Laxmi

Latangi      =     Slim Girl; A Creeper

Lauthya                     =     Sun Rises

Lavangi                      =     An Angel

Lavanya                     =     Pretty; Beauty; Grace; Sweet;

                                             Attraction; Angel

Lavenia                                    =     Purified

Lekisha                   =     Life; Woman

Likhila                =     Goddess Saraswati

Likhita                =     Lord Saraswathi; Studious

Likitha                 =     Writer; Writing; Goddess Sarswathi

Lochana                    =     Bright Eyes

Lohitha                      =     Goddess Lakshmi in the Form of Iron

Loukika                     =     Educated; Intelligent

Lumbika                    =     A Musical Instrument

Lumbini                    =     Grove; The Grove Where Buddha was Born

Laalitya                                    =     Lovelyness

Lajwanti                    =     Good Girl; A Sensitive Plant

Lakshaki                    =     Goddess Sita

Lakshana                  =     Symbol; Duryodhana's Daughter;

                                           One with Auspicious Signs on her

Lakshita                    =     Distinguished

Lalamani                   =     Ruby

Latakara                    =     Mass of Creepers

Lathasri                     =     Creeper; Goddess

Lauhitya                    =     A River

Laxmisri                    =     Goddess Laxmi

Lepakshi                   =     With Painted Eyes

Likhitha                     =     Studious

Lilavati                      =     God's will

Lishitha                     =     Good

Lolakshi                    =     Goddess Lalita

Loshitha                    =     Name of Flower

Lajjawati                   =     A Sensitive Plant; Modest Woman

Lakshmika                =     Lakshmi Devi

Leelavati                  =     Playful; Goddess Durga

Lokamatri                 =     Lakshmi; Mother of the World

Lopamudra              =     Wife of Saint Agastya; Learned Woman

Laalanasri                 =     Good

Lasaya-Sri                 =     Smile with Power

Leelamayee            =     Playful

Lokajanani               =     Lakshmi; Mother of the World

Labangalata             =     Sun

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