Hindu baby girl names starting with M

Name                        Meaning

Mi              =     Good; Self Confidant;

                             Pure as Milk

Mo             =     Silence

Maha        =     Gazelle; Wild Cow; Resembling the Moon;

                           Beautiful Eyes; Shining; Great;

                               Cow; Large Eyes

Mahi         =     The World; Great Earth; Heaven

                            and Earth Conjoined

Mala          =     Necklace; Garland; Row; Line; String

Mana        =     Supernatural Power; Love; Alike;

                             Similar; Name of a God

Mani         =     Gem

Mata         =     Injunctions; Is Considered; Opinion; Mother

Maya         =     Durga; To Increase; A Princess;

                            Mother or Great One; Water;

                            Truth and Everlasting; Wealth; Dream;

                            Abbreviation of Amalia; Industrious;

                            Striving; Work; Variant of Maia; Illusion

Medh        =     Goddess Sarasvati

Meha        =     Intelligent; Rain; Sharp; Cloud

Mela         =     Dark; Black; Religious Gathering

Mena        =     Wife of the Himalayas; Female Parrot;

                             Love; Strong; Intellect; Speech; Woman;

                            Mother of Menaka; The Daughter of Mahameru

Mili            =     A Meeting; To Find

Mina         =     Love; Will; Desire; Helmet; Protection;

                           Sea Port; Goddess of Sun; Moon; Stars; Enamel;

                            Blue Glass; A Light; Child of the Red Earth; Garden;

                              A Gem; Fish; Jewel

Mita          =     A Friend; Dearest

Mona        =     Solitary; Adviser; Nun; Wish; Desire; Aristocratic;

                             Individual; Little; Giver; Lady; Alone; Wise Guardian;

                             Will; Helmet; Protection; Just One; Noble One;

                              Name of a God

Madan      =     Battlefield; Lord Shri Krishna

Madri        =     Wife of Pandu

Maghi       =     Giving Gifts

Mahua      =     An Intoxicating Flower

Maina       =     A Bird

Maiya       =     Mother

Malka       =     Queen

Malli         =     Jasmine Flower; Flower

Malti         =     Small Fragrant Flower; Moonlight;

                            A Jasmine Flower

Mamta     =     Mother's Love; Love; Motherly Love

Manal       =     A Bird; Attainment; Acquisition;


Manda      =     Name of a River; Battle Maid

Manju       =     Pleasant; Snow; Dew Drops; Sweet;

                             Heart Winner; Charming

Manna      =     Heavenly

Mansi       =     Plucked Flower; Voice of Heart;


Manvi       =     Humanly; Earth; Peace of Mind;

                            Goddess Saraswati

Manya      =     Worthy of Honour; Bitter;

                           Sea of Bitterness

Margi        =     Traveller

Marya       =     Mark; Limit

Masum     =     Innocent

Mathu      =     Lovely

Mayil        =     Full of Grace; Like a Peacock

Mayra       =     Moon; Beloved; A Plant Name

Medha     =     Intelligent; Intellect; Wisdom;

                            Goddess Saraswati

Meena     =     Precious Stone; Fish; Starling;

                             Heaven; Glass

Meera      =     Light; Saintly Woman; A Devotee of

                           Krishna; Aristocratic Lady; High-born

                           Girl; Precious Gem

Megha      =     Rain; Cloud

Mehak      =     Sweet Smell; Aura; Fragrance

Mehal       =     Cloud

Meher      =     Benevolence; Moon; Sweet Smell;


Metha      =     Sweet

Minal        =     A Precious Stone; Union; Fruit

Minnu      =     Sky; Shining

Misha       =     Feminine of Michael; Like the Lord;

                            Variant of Melissa; Bee; Lord Krishna's

                            Devotee; Smile; Teddy Bear in Russian

Misri         =     Loving; Sweet

Mithi         =     Truthful

Monal       =     Bird; Amazing

Mouna     =     Wish; Desire

Mridu       =     Gentle

Mruda      =     Parvati; Affectionate

Mrudu      =     Soft

Mudra      =     Healing Hand Movement; Expression

Mukta       =     Liberated; Pearl

Mukti        =     Freedom from Life and Death; Liberation;


Munni      =     Small

Muthu      =     Pearl

Mynah      =     Bird Myna

Maanya                    =     The Respected One

Madhul                    =     Sweet

Madina                    =     Land of Beauty

Madira     =     Nectar; Wine

Madura                    =     A Bird

Magana                    =     Engrossed

Mahati     =     Great Power; Name of Narada Maharshi's


Mahija      =     Born with Praises

Mahika     =     Earth

Mahima                   =     Greatness; Glorious

Mahira     =     Superemely Talented; Gifted; Expert; Lively

Mahita     =     Greatness; A River

Mahiya     =     Lover; Someone whom You Love; Joy

Maitra      =     Friendly

Maitri       =     Friendship

Maitry      =     Friendship and Joy

Makali      =     The Moon

Makshi     =     Honeybee

Malati       =     A Creeper with Fragrant Flowers;

                            Small Fragrant Flower

Malaya     =     A Creeper

Maliha      =     Strong; Beautiful; Pleasant; Charming;

                             Princess of Malawa

Malika      =     A Garland; Flower; Industrious; Necklace;

                            Intoxicating Drink; Queen; Owner; The Mogra

Malina      =     Tower; Dark; Name of a River; Honey;

                             Raspberry; Woman from Magdala;

                              From the High Tower

Malini       =     Fragrant; Florist; A River; A Garland-maker

Mamata                   =     Love; Affection; Ture; Motherly Love

Mamtha                   =     Love

Manaka                    =     According to the Mind

Manali      =     A Bird; Beautiful Hills

Manana                   =     Meditation

Manasa                    =     River in Himalaya; Name of a Lake in

                                           Himalaya; Goddess Lakshmi; Conceived

                                            in the Mind; A River

Manasi     =     A Lady

Manavi     =     Daughter of Man; Wife of Manu

Manayi     =     Wife of Manu

Mandra                    =     Pleasant

Mangai     =     Cultured Lady

Manika     =     Precious Jewel; Of Jewels

Manini     =     Self Respected; A Lady

Manisi      =     Desired by Heart

Maniya     =     A Glass Bead

Manoja                    =     Born of the Mind

Mansha                    =     Wish

Mantra     =     Hymns; Holy Chants

Marala      =     Swan

Marisa      =     Combination of Maria and Luisa;

                            Form of Maris; Star of the Sea;

                            Wise Protector; Protecting Hands;

                            Worthy; Respectable; Mother of Daksa

Marsha     =     Warlike; Dedicated to God Mars;

                             A Star's Name; Martial; From the

                            God Mars; Respectable; War Like;

                            Defence; Of the Sea

Masara     =     Emerald

Mausam                  =     Season

Mayank                    =     Moon

Mayura                    =     Peacock; Illusion

Mayuri     =     Peahen; With Sweet Voice; Pigeon

Medhya                   =     Mighty; Clean; Fresh

Medini     =     The Earth

Meenal                    =     Precious Gem

Megana                   =     Clouds

Meghna                   =     River Gangas

Mehuli     =     A Small Rain Cloud

Menaha                   =     Celestial Damsel

Menaja                    =     Goddess Parvati

Menaka                   =     A Celestial Dancer

Meshwa                  =     Beautiful; A Name of River

Mihika      =     Mist; Fog; Dew Drop; Godess Name

Mihira      =     Feminine Form of Mihir; The Sun

Mikula      =     Beauty

Milana      =     Union

Milika       =     Desiring Union

Minati      =     Prayer

Mirium     =     Wished-for Child

Mishti       =     Sweet; Sweet Person

Mitali        =     Friendship; Lovely; Beautiful; Angels Daughter

Mithra      =     Friendly; Friend

Mohana                   =     Attractive; Charming

Mohini     =     Most Beautiful; Bewitching

Mohita     =     Attracted

Moksha                    =     Salvation

Moksin     =     Free

Molina     =     Tree that Grow from Root

Monika                    =     A Wise Counsellor; Goddess Durga;

                           Solitary; Advise; Counsel; Lord of Mind;


Monisa     =     Intelligence

Moulya                    =     Together; Precious

Mrinal      =     Lotus

Mritsa       =     Good Earth

Mrunal     =     Lotus Stack

Mugdha                   =     Spellbound; Innocent;

                                  Innocent Young Girl; Spell Bound

Mukula                    =     Bud

Mullai       =     Flower with Lovely Fragrance

Muniya                    =     Name of a Bird

Muskan                    =     Smile; Laughter; Sweet Smile

Mythri      =     Friendship

Maanasa                  =     Mind

Madahvi                  =     Great Boon

Madhavi                  =     Sweet; Honey; A Creeper with Beautiful

                                       Flowers; Springtime; Daughter of Yayati;

                                       Creeper with Beautiful Flowers; Spring Time

Madhuha                =     Sweetness

Madhuja                  =     Made of Honey

Madhula                  =     Sweet

Madhura                 =     Sweet; Pleasant; Sugar

Madhuri                  =     Honey; Sweet

Magadhi                  =     Flower

Magathi                   =     Great

Mahasri                   =     Goddess Laxmi

Maheshi                  =     Goddess Parvati

Mahisri                    =     Goddess Lakshmi

Mahitha                   =     Greatness; Quite

Malaija     =     Cool; Himalaya Ice

Malathi                    =     Good Friend; Good Girl

Malliga     =     Jasmine

Mallika     =     Jasmine; Queen

Malvika                    =     One who Lived in Malva

Mamatha                =     Preeti

Manadha                 =     Giving Honour

Mananya                 =     Deserving Praises

Manasvi                   =     Intelligent; High Minded; Famous;

                                           Stable; Clever; Wise; That which

                                            Controls Mind

Manaswi                 =     Motherly Love

Mandana                 =     Cheerful

Mandara                  =     Mythical Tree

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