Slokas for Saturday

 Hanuman Mantras

 “Om Hanumate Namah

The above mantra is also called hanuman moola mantra, It has the power to guide a person for his success. By chanting this mantra with devotion on every Tuesday will remove all the obstacles and problems in their life. It also gives physical strength, stamina and power.

Saturday Navagraha Sloka

Neelānjana Samābhāsam 

Raviputhram Yamāgrajam | 

Chāyā Mārthānda Sambhootham 

tham Namāmi Shanaishcharam ||

Meaning :

Oh God! Looking like a blue cloud, Who is the son of the sun god, He is the foremost of those who control. He even have the power to put his shadow over the glorious sun.

To that of Saturn god, Who is the emblem of control, We bow down to you with devotion.