Hindu baby girl names starting with R

Name                      Meaning

Ru                    =     Soul

Rea                 =     Poppy; Earth; In Greek Myth;

                                 Rhea was an Earth Mother; Following;

                                 Victor; To Flow; River; Stream; Flower

                                  Name for Poppy; Warrior

Ria                   =     Singer; Love; To Flow; Earth; River; Merry;

                                 Victor; From the River's Mouth; Anger; Happy;

                                  In Bengal is for Fragrance of a Flower; Best Friend;

                                  Drop of Water; A Flooded River Valley

Ragi                =     Loving

Raji                 =     Shining

Raka               =     Full Moon; First Falling Rays of Sharad Full Moon

                                 on Earth

Rama              =     Goddess Lakshmi; Pleaser of the Lord

Rani                =     Queen

Rati                 =     Most Beautiful Lady; Wife of Cupid

Raya               =     Flow; Sated with Drink; Wise Guardian;

                                 Goddess Parvati; Form of Regina; Queen

Reha               =     Star

Renu              =     Atom; Universe

Reva               =     Sweat Heart; A Star; Another Name of River

                                  Narmada; One who Snares

Rewa              =     Swift

Rhea               =     To Flow; Stream; Flowing; River; Earth; Successful;

                                  Poppy; Singer

Riha                =     Flower

Riju                 =     Helpful; Innocent

Rima               =     White Antelope; Siddhi will Follow; Rhyme;


Rina                =     Peace; Form of Catherine; Pure; Queen;

                                 Beloved; Melody; Joyful; Dissolved; Of the Sea

Rita                 =     Pearl; Child of Light; Variant of Margaret; Brave;

                                  Honest; Way of Life

Riti                  =     Memory; Well Being

Ritu                 =     Season; Mausam

Riya                =     Graceful; Singer; Beautiful; A Form of Ria;

                                  One who Sings; Dance; Gracious; Diamond

Roja                =     Rose

Roma             =     Exalted; Lofty; Goddess Laxmi

Roop              =     Look; Appearance; Beautiful

Rugu               =     Soft

Ruhi                =     Soul; Of Spirit

Ruma             =     Wife of Sugriva; Vedic Hymn

Rupa               =     Beauty; Silver

Rupi                =     Beauty

Ruth               =     Companion; Friend; Compassionate Friend;


Raaya             =     Great Behaviour; Never Lies

Rabia              =     Famous; Godly; Spring; The Fourth Female;

                                 Popular; Divine; Greenery

Radha            =     Success; Prosperity; The Beloved of Lord

                                  Krishna; Lord Krishna's Lover

Raima            =     Pleasing

Rajam            =     Goddess Lakshmi

Rajni               =     Night; Half Name of Flower

Rakhi              =     Thread of Brother-sister Bonding

Rakti               =     Pleasing

Ramna           =     Sweet

Ramra            =     Splendour

Ramya           =     Beautiful; Natural; Beauty Never seen

Ranya             =     Pleasant; War Like

Rashi              =     Cute; Wealth; Money; Beautiful; Collection;

                                  Sun Sign; Collection of Wealth; Sign

Rasmi             =     Beam of Moon; Sunlight

Rasna             =     The Tongue

Rasya             =     Rose; Flower Name

Ratna             =     Precious Stone

Ratri               =     Night; Bow

Rebha            =     Sings Praises

Reema           =     Goddess of Durga; White Antelope; Gazelle; Gem

Reena            =     Gem

Reeta             =     Pearl; Variant Form of Rita; Sings Praises

Rehwa           =     Ancient Name of River Narmada

Rekha            =     Line; Artwork; Beauty; The Heart of God; Limit

Reshu            =     Pure Soul

Richa              =     Chants; Hymn; The Writing of the Vedas;

                                 The Etymological Origin of Richa is the Sanskrit

                                  Word; Ric means to Praise

Riddi              =     Consort of Lord Ganesh

Ridhi              =     Prosperity; To be Successful; To Succeed;

                                     To Grow; To Increase; To Make Gain

Rijul                =     Innocent

Risha              =     Sanity

Rochi              =     Light

Rohin             =     Rrising

Rolee             =     Sindoor

Roopa            =     Blessed with Beauty

Rosei              =     Flower

Rucha             =     Splander; Bright; Brilliant; Radiant; Cool;

                                   Full of Ideas; Vedic Lyrics

Ruchi              =     Interest; Luster; Beauty; Love; Light; Taste

Ruhin             =     Spiritual

Rukma           =     Golden

Rupal             =     Made of Silver; Beauty; Cool; Brave

Rutva             =     Season; Speech

Rabhya          =     Worshipped

Rachna          =     Construction; Arrangement

Ragini            =     Singer; A Melody

Rahini            =     Goddess Saraswati

Rajani            =     Night

Rajasi             =     Worthy of a King

Rajata            =     Silver

Rajika             =     Lamp

Raksha           =     Protection

Ramana                         =     Enchanting

Ramani          =     Beautiful Girl; Beauty of Lord Krishna;

                                  Wife of Lord Krishna

Rambha                        =     Name of an Apsara

Ramila           =     Lover

Ramini           =     Beautiful Girl

Ramita           =     Pleasing

Ramola          =     Who Takes Interest in Everything

Ranita            =     Tinkling; Lovely Tune

Rashmi          =     A First Ray of Sun; A Ray of Light

Rasika            =     Connoisseur; Full of Passion; Elegant;

                                   With Discrimination

Ravali             =     Eshwara

Reethi           =     Method; Manner

Rehana          =     Air; Sweet Smelling Plant

Renuka          =     The Mother of Parasurma; The Sixth Incarnation

                                   of Lord Vishnu; Wife of Jamadagni Rishi

Resham                         =     Silk

Reshma                         =     Silk; Ayurvedic Medicine; Silken; Atom

Reshmi          =     Silken

Revati            =     Wife of Balarama; A Star; Prosperity

Riddhi            =     Wife of Lord Ganesh; Siddhi will Follow;

                                   Good Fortune

Rijuta             =     Innocence

Rijuth             =     Straigh Forward

Rithya            =     Lucky

Ritika             =     Movement; Pretty; Cute; Of Brass; Bronze;

                                   One who Keeps Traditions (Riti Rivaz)

Rohana          =     Sandalwood

Rohini            =     Fire; Heat; Fourth of 27 Wives of Lord Chandra (Moon);

                                  Lotus that Blooms in Moonlight; A Star; Name of

                                   Nakshatra; Lord Chandra (Moon)

Rohita            =     Brahma's Daughter

Romila           =     Heartfelt

Roshna          =     Bright

Roshni           =     Light; Brightness

Rotini             =     God

Ruhika           =     Desire

Rujula            =     Soft; One who Endows Wealth;

                                  Goddess Laxmi

Rujuta            =     Honesty; Sincerity

Rupali            =     Beautiful; Pretty

Rupasi           =     Beautiful Lady

Rupika           =     Beautiful Woman

Rushda          =     Good News

Rushel           =     Beautiful

Rutuja            =     Queen of Seasons

Raagini          =     Music

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