Hindu baby girl names starting with O

Name                   Meaning

Oja              =     Vitality

Oma           =     Leader; Giver of Life; Commanding;

                             Affectionate Nickname for a Grandmother;

                             Cedar Tree; Well Spoken; Reverent;

                             The Colour of Olive; Named for Bona Dea;

                               Life Giving; Friend

Oni              =     Shelter

Ojal             =     Splendour; Vision

Oditi           =     Dawn

Omaja        =     Result of Spiritual Unity

Omala        =     Earth

Omana      =     Lady; Woman; Tender

Omika        =     Kind

Orana         =     Moon

Oviya         =     Artist; Beautiful Drawing

Odathi       =     Refreshing; Owner

Ojasvi        =     Bright

Ojaswi       =     Bright

Omisha      =     Goddess of Birth and Death

Omvati      =     Sacred; Having the Power of Om

Orpita        =     Offering

Obilesh     =     Lord Narsimha

Oindrila     =     Another Name for the Wife of Indra

Ojaswini    =     Lustrous; Bright

Oorjitha     =     Powerful

Omkareshwari       =     Goddess Parvati; Gauri