Goddess Laxmi or Goddess Of Wealth

goddess laxmi
She is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.She is the wife of Lord Vishnu.Goddess Lakshmi is mostly worshipped by Hindu families , even though she is worshipped daily,the month october is the festive month for Goddess Lakshmi.Lakshmi puja is celebrated on the full moon night of Kojagari purnima.

She is belived to have come out from the froth of the Milk ocean when it was churned by devas and Asuras,with full beautiful lotus in her hand.Goddess Lakshmi represents a beautiful woman with golden complexion,with four hands sitting (or) standing on a fully bloomed lotus and holding a lotus bud,This refers the beauty,purity and fertility.

When ever Lord Vishnu takes a different Avatar,she appears as divine,even when he becomes mortal,she also does,transforming her own person to what ever Avatar Lord Vishnu takes.Gold coins are seen flowing from her hands, which suggest that those who worship her will gain wealth.

Mantra -
"Om Sri Maha Lakshmi Namaha"
Meaning -
This Mantra will help in getting all the fortune and wealth that we are about to get.MahaLakshmi stotram will also give power to gain more wealth and prosperity.