Hindu baby boy names starting with T

Name                        Meaning

Taj                   =     Crown; Jewel

Tej                   =     Lustrous; Light

Taha               =     Best; Pure; Skilful; Another Name for

                                 the Prophet Muhammad; Pious;

                                  Name of a Surah in the Quran;

                                  Name of a Surah in Holy Quran

Tana               =     Issue

Teja                =     Prowess

Toya               =     Water

Tuka               =     Young Boy

Tula                =     Balance Scale; Zodiac Sign Libra

Taksa              =     Son of Bharata

Talat               =     Prayer; Countenance

Talib               =     Divine; Seeker; Another Name for God;

                                 One who Longs or Wishes; Sender (of Truth);

                                 Student; Lover; The Seeker of Truth

Talin               =     Lord Shiva

Tamal             =     A Tree with Very Dark Bark

Tamas            =     Darkness

Tamra            =     Copper Red

Tanav             =     Flute

Tanay             =     Son of Wind

Tanip              =     Sun

Tanoj              =     Son

Tanuj              =     Son

Tapan             =     Sun; Summer; Tapasvi;

                                  Lord Surya (Sun)

Tapas             =     Heat; Penance; Ascetic

Tarak              =     Star; Pupil of Eye; Protector

Taral               =     Honeybee

Taran              =     Raft; Heaven; The Saviour of All

Tarik               =     One who Crosses the River of Life;

                                 Muslim General who Conquered Spain;

                                  Morning Star; Neutron Star; Messenger;

                                  Path-breaker or Finder; Variant of Tariq;


Tarit                =     Lightning

Tarun             =     Sun; Young; Youth; Tender; Love;

                                 Lord Ganesha

Tatya              =     Lord Shiva

Tejas              =     Brilliance; Lustre; Sharpness

Tijil                 =     Moon

Tilak               =     Auspicious; Spot of Vermillion or

                                Sandal Wood Paste on Forehead

Timin             =     Large Fish; Born Near the Sea

Timir              =     Darkness

Timmy           =     One who Honors God; Form of Timothy;

                                 Honoring God; Dispel of Paul

Tirth               =     Holy Place; Pilgrim;

                                To Go Yatra Dham

Titir                 =     A Bird

Tufan             =     Storm

Tuhin             =     Snow

Tunda            =     Lord Shiva

Turag              =     A Thought

Tusya             =     Lord Shiva

Tahoma         =     With a Cute Personality;

                                 Someone who is Different with

                                  a Cute Personality

Tajdar            =     Crowned

Talank            =     Lord Shiva

Talish             =     Lord of Earth

Tamila           =     Sun

Tamish          =     God of Darkness; Moon

Tanish            =     Beautiful; Jewel; Ambition;

                                 Lord Shiva

Tanmay         =     With an Inspire; Engrossed;


Tanush          =     Lord Ganesh; Lord Shiva

Tapash           =     Sage

Tarang           =     Wave

Tarank           =     Savious

Taresh           =     God of the Stars; Moon

Tarosh           =     Heaven; Small Boat

Tarpan           =     Refreshing

Tarusa            =     Conquerer

Tausiq            =     Reinforcement

Tautik            =     Pearl

Tavish            =     Ocean; Gold; Heaven

Teeraj            =     Add Meaning

Teerth           =     Holy Place; Sacred Water

Thakur           =     Leader; God

Thaman         =     Name of a God; Price; Worth

Thevan          =     Godly

Thrish            =     Noble

Tirtha             =     Holy Place

Tonija            =     Undivisionable

Toshan          =     Satisfaction

Toyesh          =     Lord of Water

Tridev            =     Hindu Trinity; Bramha Vishnu

                                 and Mahesh

Tridib             =     Heaven

Trigun            =     The Three Dimensions

Trigya             =     Lord Buddha

Trijal               =     Lord Shiva

Trikay             =     Lord Buddha

Trilok             =     The Three Worlds Heaven;

                                 Earth; Hell

Triman           =     Worshipped in Three World's;

                                Worshipped in Three Worlds

Tunava          =     A Flute

Tungar           =     High; Lofty

Tushar           =     Water Drops; Hero; Pal; God; Snow;

                                 Fine Drops of Water; Cold Water Droplets;

                                 Winter; Frost

Taizeen         =     Encouragement

Takshak         =     A Cobra

Takshit          =     Sculptured

Talleen          =     Absorbed

Tanishq         =     Jewel; Precious; Dear

Tapasvi          =     An Ascetic

Tapomay         =     Full of Moral Virtue

Taporaj          =     Moon

Taraksh         =     Mountain

Taranga         =     Wave

Tathvik          =     Philosophy

Tejomay         =     Glorious

Thanmay         =     Engrossed

Thanush         =     Lord Ganesh

Theeran         =     Brave; Courage

Thoshit          =     Always Happy

Thupada         =     Always Joy

Timothy         =     To Fear God; Honoring God;

                                  Name of a Saint; To Honor God;

                                  One who Honors God

Trambak         =     Lord Shiva; Lord Venkatewara

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