Hindu baby boy names starting with S

Name                         Meaning

Sa                  =     Handsome; Joy; Lord

Su                  =     Plain; Respectful; Lord Shiva;

                               God; Pet Form of Sumit

Sai                 =     Always Smile; Flower of Love;

                               Everywhere; Lord Shiva; Sai Baba;

                               Swami; Flower; Friend; Blessing

Sam              =     Told by God; God has Listen; To Hear;

                              Sun; His Name is God; Sun Child; Little Sun;

                             Strong Person; Heard of God; God; Good Person

Som              =     Moon; Religious; Sweet

Sri                  =     Respect; Richness; God

Sur                =     A Musical Note

Saju              =     Travelling

Sasi               =     Moon; Lovely Person

Sava              =     Wise; Old Man; Saint who was a Trainer

                                of Young Monks

Sena             =     Army

Shan             =     Pride; Prestige; Old; Famous; Respected;

                              Wise One; Old Wise; Dignity; Splendour

Shay             =     Gift; Hawk-like; Eagle; Sharp

Shiv              =     Lord Shiva; Auspicious; Lucky

Shuk             =     A Parrot

Siva              =     Lord Shiva; Silence

Smit              =     Smile

Sneh             =     Friendship; Love

Sonu             =     Pure Gold

Sree              =     Beautiful; Wonderfull; Happy

Sual              =     Asked for

Suka             =     Wind

Suri               =     Lord Krishna

Svar              =     Lord Vishnu

Syam            =     Lord Krishna

Syon             =     Good Luck; Gentle

Syum            =     Ray

Sabal            =     With Strength

Sachh           =     The Truth

Sadar            =     Respectful

Sadru           =     Lord Siva; Lord Vishnu

Safal             =     Succeed

Sagan           =     Lord Shiva

Sagar            =     Wise One; From the Sagebrush Plant;

                              Surname; Sea; Ocean; Pond; Name of the

                             2nd Chakravarti; Water; Very Deep

Sagun           =     Possessed of Qualities

Sahaj            =     Natural; Original

Sahas           =     Courage; Bravery

Sahat            =     Strong; Stung

Sahay           =     Help

Sahen          =     Falcon

Sahib            =     The Lord; Companion; Follower; Friend

Sahil             =     Ocean; Guide; Sea Shore; River Bank

Sahit             =     Bounded

Sajal             =     Moist

Sajan            =     Beloved

Sajay            =     Joyful

Sajiv             =     Gods Place; Lively

Sakar            =     Lively; Manifestation of God

Saket            =     Heaven; Lord Krishna with Friends

Salaj             =     Water which Flows from Melted

                               Ice from Mountain

Salil              =     Water; Descendant; Son; Sword

Salim            =     Happy; Peaceful; Safe; Sound; Tranquillity;

                               Another Name for God; Perfect; Healthy;

                               Secure; Free

Samaj           =     Lord Indra

Samik           =     Peaceful

Samin          =     Self- Disciplined

Samir           =     Wind; Pleasant Companion;

                               A Companion who Joins in an Evening Conversation;

                             Jovial; Early Morning Fragrance; Entertaining Companion;

                             Breeze; Entertainer

Sanam         =     Beloved

Sanat            =     Lord Brahma

Sandy           =     Defender of Mankind; Abbreviation of

                              Alexander Defender of Man; Defending Men;

                                Good Lamp

Sanju            =     Hanuman; Similar to Sanjay

Sapan           =     Dream Swapna

Saral             =     Straight; Simple

Saran            =     Protection; Surrender

Saras            =     Simple; A Bird; Lake; Moon; Pond

Sarat             =     Autumn; Name of a Season; A Sage

Sarin             =     Helpful

Sarup           =     Beautiful

Sarva            =     Lord Krishna; Shiva

Sasta            =     One who Rules

Sathi             =     Shadow; True; Partner

Satin             =     Real

Savar            =     Lord Shiva

Savir             =     Leader

Savit             =     Sun

Savya           =     Lord Vishnu

Sayam          =     Evening

Sayed           =     Leader

Senni           =     Sweet

Sethu           =     King of World; Leadership; Bridge; Warrior; Good

Sevak           =     Servant

Shaan           =     Famous; Pride

Shail             =     Mountain

Shami          =     Fire; Husband; Cold; Name of a Tree

Shams          =     Fragrance; With Faith; A Planet; Sun

Shant           =     Gentle

Sharu           =     Lord Vishnu

Sheil             =     Mountain

Shesh           =     Cosmic Serpent

Shiva            =     The God of Destruction; Lord Shiva

Shoor           =     Valiant

Shray            =     Credit

Shrey           =     Credit; Marvellous

Shubh          =     Fortunate

Shuna          =     Lord Indra

Shyam         =     Dark Blue; Black; Lord Krishna

Sidak            =     Wish

Siddu           =     Fear; Be Ready; Lord Shiva

Sidhu           =     Punjabi Cast

Silpa             =     Like a Sculpture - Beautiful;

                               A Perfect Charming Boy

Sinha            =     Hero

Sivan            =     The Ninth Month

Skand           =     Spurting; Flowing

Smyan         =     Smile; Always Smiling

Sohan          =     Good Looking

Sohil             =     Beautiful

Sohit            =     Charming

Sohum         =     I am Him; Every Soul has a Presence

                              of God in it; God is Within

Soman         =     The Moon

Sonit            =     Person with Good Intentions

Sopan          =     Steps

Souri            =     Brave or the Name of Lord Krishna

Sravu            =     Brave

Sthir             =     Focused

Subal            =     A Friend of Lord Krishna

Suday           =     Gift

Sudev          =     Good Deity

Sudhi           =     Scholar

Sudip           =     Good Light; Very Bright

Sudir            =     Bright

Suhan          =     Prince

Suhas           =     Beautiful Smile; Smiling Beautifully

Sujal             =     Affectionate; Pure Water

Sujan            =     Honest; Wise; Exalted Knowledge

Sujat             =     Belonging to a Good Clan

Sujay            =     Victory; Winner

Sujit              =     Victory

Sulek            =     Sun

Suman         =     One has Good Heart; Flower; Cheerful and Wise

Sumay         =     Wise

Sumed         =     Wise

Sumit           =     Good Friend; Well Measured; Good Path

Sumuk         =     Lord Ganesh

Sunam         =     Good Name; Fame

Sunar           =     Happy

Sunay           =     Wise; Leader; A Well Conducted King

Sunil             =     Blue; Sapphire; Dark Blue; Red Lotus;

                                Pomegranate Tree

Sunny          =     Bright Disposition; Cheerful;

                               Full of Sunshine; Sun; Happy Day;

                              Gift of Sun

Suraj             =     The Sun

Suram          =     Beautiful

Suran           =     Pleasant Sound

Suras            =     Juicy

Suren           =     Lord Indra

Surup           =     Lord Shiva

Surya            =     Sun God; Sun

Susan           =     Lord Shiva

Susen           =     Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu

Sutej            =     Lustre

Suvan           =     Lord Shiva; The Sun; Incarnation;


Suvas           =     Lord Shiva

Suvel            =     Placid

Suvir             =     Lord Shiva

Svang           =     Good Looks

Svarg            =     Heaven

Swami         =     Master

Swamy        =     A Mystic; A Yogi; Lord Ganesh

Sabari          =     Lord Ayappan

Sabhya        =     Refined

Sachet         =     Consciousness

Sachin          =     Nil; Pure; Existence; Lord Indra;

                              Lord Shiva

Sachit           =     Consciousness; Joyful

Sachiv          =     Friend

Sadgun        =     Virtues; Good Qualities

Sadhan        =     Processing

Sadhik         =     Winner

Sadhil          =     Perfect

Sadhna        =     Weapon

Sadiva          =     Eternal

Saffar           =     Coppersmith; An Authority of Hadith

Sahara         =     Lord Shiva; Wilderness;

                               Name of a Desert

Sahaya         =     Lord Shiva

Sahdev        =     Most Talented King;

                            One of the Pandava Princes

Sajiva           =     Full of Life

Sajjan           =     Noble Respectable; A Dear Friend;

                                 Righteous Person

Sakash         =     Illumination

Saketh         =     God; Lord Krishna

Salokh         =     Friendship

Sambha       =     Shining

Sambit         =     Consciousness

Sameen       =     Valuable

Sameep       =     Close

Sameer       =     Wind; Breeze; Early Morning Fragrance;

                              Cool; Entertainer; Jovial; Entertaining Companion

Samesh       =     Lord of Equality

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