Hindu baby boy names starting with R

Name                        Meaning

Ru                =     God; Scholar; Lord Ganesh;

                              Lord Siva

Raj               =     Kingdom; King; Secret; To Rule;

                             Ruler; Origin

Ram            =     Lord Rama; One who Pleases;

                             The Eldest Sun of King Dasharatha;

                              The Hero of Mythology Called Ramayana;

                               Pleasing; Charming; Good Guy; Obedient;

                                Male Sheep

Ray              =     Regal; Counsellor; Abbreviation of Raymond;

                             Advice; Beam of Light; Grace; Well Advised Protector;

                              Wise Protector; Dear Brook; Abbreviation of R

Ree             =     Shiva

Ragy           =     Up to Date

Rahi            =     Traveller

Raja            =     King; Sand; Silvery; Emotion;

                            Affection; Hope; Royal

Raju            =     King; Prosperity; The Sun

Ramu         =     Lord Sriram

Rana           =     Joy; Jewel; To Gaze; Look

Ravi            =     Great; Intelligent; Powerful;

                            Smart; Lord Surya (Sun);

                            Fire Power; Active

Raza            =     Hope

Ripu            =     Enemy

Robo          =     Intelligent

Rudr           =     Fearsome; Name of Lord Shiva

Rukm         =     Gold

Rafat          =     Elevation

Raghu        =     The Family of Lord Rama;

                             An Ancient King of Avadh

Rahas         =     Secret

Rahul         =     Efficient; Conqueror of Miseries;

                             Bond in Affection; Capable; Mysterious;

                             Different than Others; Smart; Most Mysterious

                             Vastu Grah 'Rahu'; Son of Lord Buddha;

                              The Son of Goddess Durga

Rajak          =     Illuminating

Rajan          =     King

Rajas          =     Mastery; Fame; Pride

Rajat           =     Silver Courage; Silver; Courage

Rajit            =     Brilliant; Decorated

Rajiv           =     Lotus Flower

Rakta          =     One who has Red-colored Body

Raman       =     Beloved; Pleasing; Cupid;

                             Wise Protector

Ranaa         =     Prince

Ranak         =     King

Rasik          =     Connoisseur

Rasul          =     Angel; Messenger; Messenger

                             Origin Islamic; Another Name

                             for Prophet Muhammad

Ratan         =     Precious Stone

Ratna         =     Praise; Gem; Gold; Pearl

Ratul          =     Sweet

Raven        =     Raven; A Bird; Large Black Bird

Ravit           =     Sun

Razak         =     Devotee; Protector

Reddy        =     Power; Dominate; Leader;


Revan        =     Love; Wonderful; Horse Rider

Ricky          =     Ruler; Peaceful Ruler; Dominant Ruler;

                            Brother; Strong Power; Lucky; Powerful;

                            Brave Ruler; Abbreviation of Richard

Ridit           =     World; World Known

Rijul            =     Innocent

Rishi           =     Love; Saint; Sage; Ray of Light

Rohak        =     Rising

Rohan        =     Clever; Ascending; Increasing; Little

                              Red One; Sandal Wood; Healing

Rohit          =     First Red Rays of the Sun; Red;

                             Horse Rider; Son of Raja Harishchandra;

                             Sufficient; Spectrum

Romir         =     Interesting

Ronak        =     Embellishment

Ronav        =     One who Embodies Grace and Charm;


Ronit          =     Brilliant; Bright; Shining; Joy; Song;


Rudra         =     Sun; Lord Shiva; Rudraksha

Ruhan        =     Spiritual

Rujul          =     Simple; Honest; Innocent

Rupak        =     Sign; Feature; Beautiful

Rupin         =     Embodied Beauty

Rwiju         =     Straight; Erected

Rachit        =     Invention

Radhak      =     Liberal

Raghav      =     Lord Rama

Raheem     =     Merciful; God is Compassionate;


Rahman     =     Merciful; Compassionate;

                              Merciful Origin Islamic;

                              55th Surah of the Quran;

                              Affectionate; Gracious

Rajath        =     Sliver

Rajeev       =     Blue Lotus

Rajesh       =     King of Kingdom; God of Kings;

                            Above the Wind; Born Leader;

                            Lord of Kings; Emperor

Rajith         =     An Object that Gives Light and

                               Never Stops Doing so

Rakesh      =     The Moon; Lord of the Night; Sun;

                             Friendship Brand

Ramdas     =     Devotee of Ram; Servant of God

Ramesh     =     Lord Rama; Lord Vishnu; The Preserver

Ramith      =     Loved

Ramoji       =     Lord Rama

Ramtej      =     The Glorious Shine of Lord Rama; Bright

Ramudu     =     Lord Sree Rama Chandra

Ranesh      =     Lord Ganesh; Lord Shiva

Rangan      =     A Flower

Ranith        =     Song

Ranjan       =     Entertaining; Pleasing

Ranjit         =     Winner; Victorious; The Delighted One;

                              One who is Entertained;

                              The Conqueror of the Battle

Ranjiv        =     Victorious

Rasesh       =     Lord Krishna

Rasool       =     Messenger; Messenger of God;


Rathan       =     Gold

Rathik        =     One who Rides a Chariot

Rathin        =     Celestial

Ratish        =     Cupid

Ravish        =     Lord of Sun; Sun

Rayudu      =     A Man with Rich Background

Reeyan      =     Door of Heaven

Rehman     =     Merciful

Rehmat     =     Mercy

Renaud     =     Wise Power

Renesh      =     Lord of Love

Rigved       =     One of the Vedas

Rikhil         =     Eternity

Rishab       =     Morality; Superior

Rishav        =     Sweet; Caring

Rishik         =     Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu;

                             One who is Knowledgeable;

                             Siva; Rays of Sun

Rishit         =     The Best; All in One

Ritesh        =     Lord of Truth; Riti means Tradition

                              and Esh means God; Lord of Tradition

Rithik         =     Stream

Rithin         =     Rich

Ritvik         =     Son of Anjaneya; Priest

Ritwik        =     Moon; Priest

Rizvan        =     Harbinger of Good News

Rochak      =     Tasty

Rochan      =     Red Lotus; Bright

Rohith       =     Red

Rohtak       =     Sun

Ronith       =     To be Charming

Roopak      =     Dramatic Composition

Roshan      =     Shining; Lightning; Happy and

                             Cool; Illumination; Bright

Ruchir        =     Beautiful

Rugved      =     One Part from Vedas

Rupaka      =     Sign

Rupang      =     Beautiful

Rupesh      =     God of Beauty; Lord of Beauty

Rushil        =     Charming; Flamboyant

Rustam      =     Large; Very Tall; Decoration;

                             Son of Sohrab

Rustom     =     Warrior

Rutesh       =     King of Seasons i.e Vasant

Radhesh     =     Lord Krishna

Radheya     =     Karna

Raghava     =     Lord Rama

Raivata      =     A Manu

Raivath      =     Wealthy

Rajanya     =     Kingly

Rajdeep     =     Best of Kings

Rajnish      =     Moon; Lord Chandra (Moon);

                              Lord of Night

Rakshan     =     Protector

Ramanuj     =     Lord Krishna; Lord Laxman

Ramarao     =     World King

Ramnath     =     Lord Rama

Ranajay     =     Victorious

Ranajit       =     Victorious

Rananth     =     God

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