Hindu baby boy names starting with O

Name                        Meaning

Om               =    The Sacred; Lord Shiva;

                             The Sacred Syllable

Oha              =    Meditation; True Knowledge

Ori                =    Charitable King

Ovi               =    Holy Massege of Marathi Saint

Ohas            =    Praise

Ojas             =    Shine; Full of Light; Body Strength;

                              Luster; Brilliance; Glow

Omav          =    Disciple of the God; Avatar of Om;

                             Incarnation of God

Omja           =    Born of Cosmic Unity

Omesa        =    Lord of Om

Omesh       =    Luchy; Lord of the Om

Omkar        =    The Sound of the Sacred Syllable;

                           Religious Word Om; Lord Shiva / Ganesha

Oojam        =    Enthusiasm

Orion          =    Son of Fire; Light of Heaven

Ojayit          =    Courageous

Ollepu        =    Lion; King of Forest

Omkara      =    Om

Ompati       =    Master of Om

Oorjit          =    Powerful

Oviyan        =    Artist

Obalesh      =    Lord Shiva

Omanand      =    Joy of Om

Omeshwar      =    Lord of the Om

Omkarnath      =    Lord of Omkaar; Shiva

Omprakash      =    Light of God

Omswaroop      =    Manifestation of Divinity

Oppilmani      =    Purest of Gems

Ottakoothan      =    Poet