Hindu baby boy names starting with N

Name                     Meaning

Nu                  =    Positive; God

Nal                 =    An Ancient King; Champion

Naag              =    A Big Serpent

Naga              =    A Smart Boy and Great Boy

Nand             =    Joyful

Nava              =    A Boat; Very True Boy

Neel              =    Blue; Lord Shiva

Neil               =    Champion; Blue; Like a Horn

Nish               =    Cute

Nrip               =    King

Nabhi            =    Focus; The Best

Nadal            =    Fortunate

Nadin            =    Lord of Rivers

Nadir             =    Pinnacle; Rare and Valuable;

                               Rare; Dear; Precious

Nagur            =    State

Naidu            =    Diamond; Great Parson

Nakul            =    Name of One of the Pandavas;

                                 Lord Shiva

Nalin             =    Water; Lotus

Naman         =    Salutation

Nambi          =    Self Confident

Namit           =    Bowed Down; Modest

Nanak           =    Guru of the Sikhs; First Sikh Guru

Nanda           =    Meritorious; Great Achiever;

                               Lord Vishnu; Joy; Bliss

Narad            =    Indian Saint; Devotee of Narayan

Naren           =    Filled with the Joy of Life; Imaginative

                                and Enthusiastic

Narsi             =    Poet; Saint

Narun           =    Leader of Men

Navaj            =    New Kingdom; New Order;

                               Newly Born

Naval            =    Wonder

Navin            =    New

Navya           =    New

Nayan           =    Eye

Nehal            =    The One who is Gratified; Neh means

                                Love; Rainy; Beautiful; Handsome

Nigam           =    Treasure

Nihal             =    Gratified; Delighted; Happy;

                               Prosperous; King; Blissful Person

Nihan            =    Morning

Nihar             =    Dew Drop; Mist; Fog

Niket             =    Home

Nilay             =    Heaven; Home; No Half

Ninad            =    Sound; Gentle Sound of Water

Nipun           =    Expert

Nirad             =    Given by Water; Cloud

Niraj              =    Lotus Flower

Niral              =    Unique

Niran             =    Eternal

Nirav             =    Without Sound; Quiet

Nirek             =    Superior

Nitin              =    Master of the Right Path; New;

                              Owner of the Truth Way; Lord Vishnu;

                              Brave; Calm; Follower of the Right Path

Nived            =    Purity; Gift from God

Nripa             =    King

Nabhas         =    Sky

Nabhij          =    Lord Brahama

Nabhoj         =    Born in Sky

Nachik          =    A Short Form of Nachiketa

Nadeen        =    Ocean

Nadish          =    Ocean

Nagesh         =    Cosmic Serpent; Lord Shiva;

                              King of Snake; Lord of Serpent

Naggar          =    Lord Krishna

Nagpal          =    Saviour of Serpents

Nahush        =    Name of an Ancient King

Nairit            =    South West

Naitik            =    Regular; Ethical; Good in Nature

Nakesh         =    Moon

Nalesh          =    King of Flowers

Namdev        =    Lord Vishnu; Poet; Saint

Namish                        =    Lord Vishnu

Nandak        =    Pleasing

Nandan        =    Pleasing; Son

Nandhu        =    Become a Great Man; Lord Krishna

Nandin         =    Son; Delightful

Naotau         =    New

Naresh         =    Lord of Man; The King;

                              The King of the Country

Narmad                        =    Bringing Delight

Naruna         =    Leader of Men

Natesh         =    King

Nathan         =    Gift from God; God has Given;

                              Given; Husband; Controller;

                               God; Giver; Gift; Given by God

Nathin          =    Protected

Natraj           =    King Among Actors

Natwar         =    Lord Krishna

Nauhar         =    9 Garlands

Naveen        =    New; Role Model of World;

                                Ever Fresh

Navnit          =    Fresh Butter

Navroz          =    A Parsi Festival

Navtej          =    New Light

Nayath         =    Leading

Neehal         =    New; Traditional

Neeraf          =    River

Neeraj          =    Lotus; Pearl; Born from Water

Neevan        =    Holly

Nibodh         =    Knowledge

Nidaan         =    Polite and Soft

Nihaal           =    Happiness

Nihaan         =    Mark; Hidden; Wisdom; Secret

Nihant          =    Never Ending

Nihith           =    Inherent; Inscribed into Something;

                                Within Something

Nikash          =    Horizon

Nikesh          =    The God; Man who Save People;

                                Lord Vishnu

Nikhat          =    Fragrance

Nikhil            =    Whole; Prithvi; Complete; Entire

Nikhin          =    Power

Nikith           =    Global Thoughts Leadar; On who has Divine

                               Wisdom; One who is Strong Commercial Instinct

                               Self Sufficient and Ambitious;

                               Above All a Good Human Being

Nikunj          =    Bower; Birds Nest; Garden

Nilabh          =    Moon

Nilesh           =    Blue God; Lord Shiva / Krishna

Nimesh        =    Momentary; Love; Inside Viewer

Nimish         =    Spilt-second

Ninith           =    Good Look

Nirish            =    Free; Without Any Owner

Nirmal          =    Clean; Pure; Talent Person;

                                 The One who is Pure

Nirmay         =    Pure

Nirmit           =    Created

Nirvan          =    Liberation

Nisarg           =    Nature

Nishad          =    Seventh Note on Indian Musical Scale

Nishal           =    God Shiva; Lord Shiva; No End

Nishan          =    Miracles; Symbol

Nishar           =    Warm Cloth

Nishat           =    A Tree; Liveliness; Energy

Nishik           =    Lotus

Nishil            =    Night

Nishit            =    Midnight; Silence

Nishok          =    Happy

Nissim          =    Unbounded; Wonders

Nitesh          =    Master of the Right Path; Krishana;

                               True Warrior; Mightiest Lord

Nithik           =    Master of Justice

Nithin           =    King; Way to Right Path; Leader of Good Way

Nitish            =    Master of the Right Path; Krishana;

                               True Warrior; Mightiest Lord; Night Light

Nivant          =    Calm

Nivedh         =    Offering to God

Niyath          =    Behaviour

Nridev          =    King Amongst Men

Nabarun        =    Morning Sun

Nabendu        =    New Moon

Nabhith        =    Fearless

Nadeesh        =    God of River; Ocean

Nagaraj        =    King of Snakes; King of Cobras

Nagarin        =    Lord of a Town

Nagdhar        =    One who Adornes Mountain

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