Hindu baby boy names starting with J

Name                 Meaning

Ja             =    Great

Jo             =    Son

Jai             =    Victory; Conqueror; Winning; A Kind of

                         Flute; Defeater; The Victorious One;

                         Variant of Names Like Jason and Jacob

Jap             =    Personal Chanting of the Holy Name

Joy             =    Happiness; Rejoicing

Jahi             =    Dignified

Janu             =    Soul; Life Force

Japa             =    Chanting

Jeev             =    Live

Jina             =    Lord Vishnu

Jiyu             =    Compassionate Friend

Jojo             =    Born on Monday; From Fante

Jose             =    May God Give Increase; God will

                             Add Another Son

Jagad             =    Universe

Jagan             =    Universe; World

Jagat             =    The Universe

Jaggu             =    Intelegent; Better than Infinity

Jahan             =    The World; Universe

Jahnu             =    A Rishi

Jalad             =    Giving Water

Jalal             =    Glory; Loftiness; Sublimity; Glory of

                             the Faith; Greatness; Another Name

                             for God; Famous; Important; Exalted;


Jalil             =    Revered; Capable; Mighty; Exalted;

                           Honourable; Great; Radiance; Influence

Janak             =    Father of Sita; Creator; Good Man

Janam             =    Birth

Janav             =    Protecting Men

Japan             =    Muttering Prayers

Jatan             =    Nurturing

Jatin             =    Saintly; Matted Hair

Jatya             =    Pleasing

Javin             =    Swift

Jayad             =    Causing Victory

Jayin             =    Conqueror

Jigar             =    Heart

Jihan             =    The World

Jimit             =    To Win Others Hearts

Jithu             =    Always Winning

Jitin             =    One who Rules the Body

Jivaj             =    Full of Life

Jival             =    Full of Life

Jivin             =    To Give Life

Jnana             =    Knowledge

Jugal             =    Couple; Also a Name of Lord Krishna

                               from his Millions Name

Jugnu             =    A Firefly

Jusal             =    Pari

Jadhav             =    A Yadava

Jagath             =    The Universe

Jagdeo             =    God of the World

Jagesh             =    Lord of the World

Jagger             =    Hunter; A Teamster; Strong; Loyal

Jagish             =    Lord of the Universe

Jagrav             =    Awakened

Jaidev             =    God of Victory

Jainil             =    Victorious God Swami Narayan;

                              Victory of Blue

Jaipal             =    Lord Brahma; Associated to Lord Vishnu;

                                Victory of the Provider

Jairaj             =    Lord of Victory

Jairam             =    Victory of Lord Rama

Jaisal             =    Famous Folk

Jaitra             =    Leading to Victory

Jaival             =    Life Giving

Jaldev             =    God of Water

Jalesh             =    Lord of Water

Janesh             =    Lord of Men

Janith             =    Born

Japesh             =    Lord of Chants; Lord Shiva

Jashan             =    Celebration; Khusi; Mast

Jashun             =    Celebration

Jaspal             =    Lord Krishna

Jasraj             =    King of Fame

Jatayu             =    Fibrous; Bird

Javesh             =    Related to God

Jayant             =    Victorious; Hall of Fame

Jayesh             =    Winner of a Game; Victor

Jeevan             =    God Gift; Life Giving; Full of Life

Jimuta             =    One of 108 Names of the Sun God

Jishnu             =    Triumphant; Arjuna

Jivana             =    The Sun God

Jivesh             =    God

Jivraj             =    Lord of Life

Jogesh             =    Lord Shiva

Jograj             =    Lord Krishna

Joseph             =    God will Add; God will Increase;

                                  Jehova Increases; It will Enlarge

Juhith             =    Brightness

Jujhar             =    One who Struggles

Jwalia             =    Lord Shiva

Jaabili             =    Moon

Jagadev             =    Lord of the World

Jagadip             =    Lamp of the Universe

Jagdeep             =    Light of the Universe

Jagdish             =    King of the World

Jaideep             =    Victory to the Light

Jaigath             =    Victorious

Jaimini             =    An Ancient Philosopher

Jaisukh             =    Joy of Winning

Jaithra             =    Lord Vishnu

Jaivant             =    Victorious

Jaiveer             =    Victorious

Jaiwant             =    Victory

10Jaldhar             =    Clouds

Jalendu             =    Moon in the Water; J God Shiva

Jankesh             =    Lord of his Subjects

Janmesh             =    The King of his Kundli

Jasamit             =    Protected by Fame

Jasapal             =    Very Famous; God Shiva

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