Hindu baby boy names starting with F

Name                  Meaning

Fani             =    Snake

Falgu             =    Lovely

Fateh             =    Victory; Conqueror;

                            Triumph; The Victorious One

Fatik             =    Crystal; Deadly; Lethal

Fenil             =    Name of French Flower

Faisal             =    Decisive; The Judge; Resolute

Fanish             =    The Cosmic Serpent Shesh

Fhazaar             =    War

Fravash             =    Guardian Angel

Fanindra             =    The Cosmic Serpent Shesh

Faneemdra             =    Add Meaning

Fanishwar             =    Lord of Serpents; Vasuki

Fanibhusan             =    Lord Shiva

Fanibhushan             =    Lord Shiva