Hindu baby boy names starting with A

Name                       Meaning

Abi               =      My Father; All Given to Good

Adi               =      Winner; Jewel; Ornament; Myth Name;

                               Beginning; First Born; Adornment;

                               Superior; First; More; Extra; Companion

                                of Prophet Muhammad; Sun's Name

All                =      Sage; Diminutive of Alfred

Anu              =      An Atom; Angel

Avi               =      Sun and Air; Honest; One who is Born

                               to Rule; Better than Perfect; Ansh;

                               My Father is Exalted

Aadi             =      Starting; First; Sun God; Lord Shiv

Aapt            =      Trustworthy

Aarv             =      Peaceful; Melodious; Good Sound; Music

Aayu            =      Span of Life; Long Life; Age; Who can Live for Ever

Abhi            =      Fearless; Better than Best; Brave

Adil              =      Sincere; Just; Fair; Judicious; Honest;

                                Righteous; Negotiation; Exchange;

                                Justice; Upright; Kindness; Fear; Nest

Adit             =      From the Beginning

Agni             =      Fire; Flame

Ahan           =      Rich; Morning; Dawn; One who is of

                               the Nature of Time Itself; Richest of

                                the Rich; Loveble

Ajat              =      Birthless; Lord Shiva

Ajay             =      Unconquerable; Invincible

Ajit               =      Unconquerable; Invincible; Victorious

Ajoy             =      Joyful

Aksa            =    Sky; Soul

Akul             =      Lord Shiva

Alok             =      A Man with Lovely Hair; Cry of Victory;

                               Lord Subramanya; Brightness; Light

Alop            =      That which does Not Disappear

Amal           =      Expectation; Bird; Hard Work; Bright;

                             Clean; Pure; Unblemished; Hope; Aspiration

Aman          =      Wonder; Peace; Hero; Safety; Protection;

                               Honest; Faithful; Trustworthy; Security;

                               The One who is Peaceful

Amar           =      Forever; Long Life; Luck; Everlasting;

                               The Immortal One; Never Die

Amil            =      Invaluable

Amir            =      Rich; Leader; From Kikuyu; Wealthy;

                               Ruler; King; Emir; Treetop; Sheaf;

                               Prince Ruler; Mighty; Strong; Prosperous;

                               Proclaimed; Commander

Amit            =      Boundless; Without Limit; Nobody can Distroy;

                              Unstoppable; Upright; Friendly; Faithful;

                                A Great Deal with World; Limitless; Love; Fire;

                                 Heat; Lotus that Blooms in Moonlight; A Star;

                               Name of Nakshatra; Lord Chandra (Moon);

                                  True; Honest; Endless

Amod          =      Pleasure

Amol           =      Priceless; Valuable

Amul           =      Priceless

Anbu           =      Love; Kindness

Anek           =      Many

Anik             =      Soldier

Anil              =      Purest; Wind; God of Wind

Anir             =    Lovely

Anit             =      Joyful Unending

Anji              =      Lord Hanuman

Ansh            =      Portion; A Little Part of Things; Honesty

Anuj            =      Younger Brother

Anup           =      Unique; Talent; Glory; Extreme Large;

                               Without Comparison; Hard Working;

                                Honest; Love Person; Anytime Happy

Arav             =      Peaceful; Beautiful; Smart; Awesome

Arha            =      Lord Shiva

Arka             =      The Sun

Arul             =      God's Grace; Gods Blessing

Arun            =      Mythical Charioteer of the Sun; Dawn;

                               Red Colour; Sun

Arya             =      Powerful; Noble; Great; Truthful;

                               Honoured; To Get the Most Important;


Asav            =      Essence

Asho            =      Head of the Sun

Ashu            =      Small; Quick

Asif              =      Forgiveness; Pure; Clean; Gather

Asit              =    Unlimited; The Planet; Lord Ganesha

Asok            =      Without Sadness

Atal              =      Admiring; Immovable; Attractive

Atma           =      Soul

Atul             =      Lion; Matchless; Incomparable

Aziz              =      Powerful; Friend; Dear One; Precious;

                               To be Cherished; Comrade; Dear

Aadit           =      Peak

Aagam        =      Coming; Arrival

Aahva         =      Beloved

Aalam         =      The Whole World; World; World Universe

Aalap          =      Musical

Aalok          =      Light

Aamod       =      Pleasant

Aarav          =      Peaceful; Good Personality; Lord Ram

Aarna          =      Goddess Laxmi

Abhav         =      Lord Shiva

Abhay         =      Brave; Fearless

Abhik          =      Beloved; Fearless

Abhra          =      Cloud

Abjit            =      Conquering Water

Achal           =      Constant; Guarantee

Adeep        =      Light

Adesh         =      Command

Adhik          =      Greater; More than One

Adhip          =      King

Advay         =      Unique Oneness; Unique

Advik          =      Unique

Adway        =      One; United

Aghat          =      Destroyer of Sin

Agraj           =      Leader; Senior

Agrim          =      Leader; First

Ahaan         =      Dawn; Auspicious Dawn; Morning Glory;

                               First Ray of Light

Ajaat           =      Unborn

Ajesh          =      Lord Hanuma

Akand         =      Calm

Akash          =      Sky; Lord of Day; Uncountable; Space

Akhil           =      Complete; Tree; Naughty; Intelligent;

                                God; World

Alekh          =      Unscripted

Alhad          =      Joy

Aloke          =      Light

Ambar        =      Sky

Ambud       =      Cloud

Ambuj        =      Lotus

Ameya        =      Boundless; Magnanimous;


Amish         =      Honest

Amith         =      Infinite; Immeasurable; Boundless

Amlan         =      Unfading; Ever-bright

Amogh       =      A Name of Lord Ganesh; Unerring

Amoha       =      Straight; Clear

Amrik          =      Nectar; God of the Sky; Perfectionist

Amrit          =      Nectar

Amshu        =      Atom

Anadi          =      Eternal

Anagh         =      Sinless; Pure; Perfect; Energy;

                               Without Any Fault

Anand         =      Joy; Happiness; Bliss; One who is

                                Blissful; Delightful

Anang         =      Name of Cupid or Kamadeva

Anant          =      Infinite

Angad         =      An Ornament; Part of God;

                              One who is Embraced by God

Angaj          =      Son

Angak         =      Son; Singer

Aniij            =      Charming

Anisa           =      Supreme

Anish          =      Lord Krishna; Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva;

                               Supreme; Punctual

Anjal           =      Hollow Formed by Joining Two Hands

Anjan          =      Eye Liner

Anjas           =      Fort-right

Anjor           =      Bright

Ankal          =      Whole; One who has No Illness

Ankit           =      Naughty; Interesting; Talented; Conquered;

                               Printed or Written; Signet; Symbol;

                               Female Version of Ankita

Ankur          =      New Life; Loving Nature; Glow; Sprout;

                               Flower; Blossom

Anmol        =      Priceless; Precious

Anoop        =      Beautiful; Without Comparison; Incomparable;

                               The Best; Matchless Beauty

Anraj           =      King

Anram        =      Continuous

Anshu         =      The Sun

Antim         =      Last

Anuha         =      Satisfied

Areen         =      Full of Joy; Sun God

Arhat           =      Deserving

Arjav           =      Straightforward Person by Heart;

                               Speech and Act

Arjit             =      Earned

Arjun           =      Confidence and Power; Pandava Prince;

                               Bright; Peacock; Son of Lord Indra;

                                One of the Pandava Brothers; Pandav;

                                 A God

Arnav          =      Brilliant; Ocean; Sea; Vast; Endless Ocean;

                               Stream; Wave

Arpan          =      Offering; Prashad

Arush          =      Strong; Miracle

Aryan          =      King; Noble; Old Civilisation; Related;

                                From a High Race; Son of Arya;

                               That which is Beyond Anyone's Strength;

                                 Leader; Belonging to the Aryans who

                                 Loves Flute; Brave Noble

Aseem        =      Longer; Boundless; Limitless Asim;

                               Defender; Unlimited; Infinite; Limitless

Ashis           =      Benediction

Ashit           =      The Planet

Ashok         =      King; One without Sorrow; Without Grief;

                               Name of King; Chakravarthi

Astik            =      Who has Faith in God

Asvin           =      A Hindu Month

Atanu          =      Cupid

Ateet          =      Past

Atish           =      Fire; Splendor; Explosive; Dynamic

Atiya           =      To Surpass

Atmaj          =      Son

Atman        =      The Self

Avish           =      Sun; Ocean; King; Life Giving; Earth;

                                Sky; River

Avtar           =      Incarnation of God; Holy Incarnation

Ayaan         =      First Ray of the Sun; Nature;

                               Temperament; Gift of God

Ayush         =      Long Lived; Handsome; Long Life

Aadesh       =      Command; Message

Aadrik         =      Rising Sun Between Mountains

Aagney       =      Son of the Fire God

Aakash       =      The Sky

Aalekh        =      Learned; Shiva

Aanand      =      Joy; Intelligent; Happiness; Delightful;

                               Blissful; Happiness to Come

Aarnav        =      Ocean; Sea

Aarush        =      Sunshine; First Ray of Sun

Aaryan        =      Of Utmost Strength; Kind Hearted;

                                Good to Others; Illustrious

Aatish         =      Fireworks; Explosive; Dynamic Person;

                                Name of Lord Ganesh

Aatmaj       =      Son

Aayush       =      Long Life; Blessing

Abheek      =      Fearless

Abhidi        =      Radiant

Abhinu       =      Brave Man

Abinav        =      Good Listener

Acanda       =      Not of the Hot Temper; Without Anger;


Acarya        =      Teacher; Another Name for Drona

Achyut        =      Imperishable; A Name of Vishnu;

                                Lord Krishna

Adarsh        =      Perfection; Excellence; Ideal

Adheer       =      Restless

Adhipa       =      King; Ruler

Adhita        =      A Scholar

Adhrit         =      The One who don't Need Any Support

                                but Supports Everyone; Another Name

                                of Lord Vishnu

Aditya         =      Sun; The Sun; As Bright as Sun; Lord Surya;

                               Son of Aditi

Advait         =      Unique; Lord Ganpati; One of Its Kind

Advaya       =      One; United

Advith        =      Focused; Powerful; Lord Vishnu

Adwaya      =      Unique

Agasti         =      Name of a Sage

Agathi         =      One Step Ahead of All

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