Hindu baby boy names starting with A

Name                        Meanings

Avichal           =     Unmovable

Avighna          =     Remover of Obstacles; Lord Ganesha

Avilash           =     Faithful

Avinash          =     Very Happy; Indestructible

Avneesh          =     God of the Earth; Another

                                    Name for God Lord Ganesh

Avyakth          =     That which is Not Revealed

Avyukta          =     Crystal Clear

Ayaansh          =     The Sun; Part of Parents; God Gift

Ayyapan          =     Ever Youthful

Ayyappa          =     Son of Lord Shiva; Lord Ayyappa

Aacharya          =     Teacher; Another Name for Drona

Aadinath          =     God; Supreme Ruler of the Universe;

                                    The First God

Aaditeya          =     Son of Aditi

Aadithya          =     The Sun

Aaradhak          =     Worshipper of God

Aarajesh          =     Add Meaning

Aashrith          =     Ruler; Lard Vinayaka

Abhignan          =     Add Meaning

Abhihita          =     Expression; Word; Name

Abhijaya          =     Conquest; Complete Victory

Abhijeet          =     Victorious; Lord Krishna

Abhilash          =     Desire; Wish

Abhimand          =     Gladdening

Abhimani          =     Full of Pride; Another Name for

                                    Agni as the Eldest Son of Brahma

Abhimoda          =     Joy; Delight

Abhinava          =     New; Young; Fresh; Modern;

                                      A Sakta Notable for his Great

                                   Leaning and Spiritual Attainment

Abhiraam          =     Pleasing

Abhirath          =     Great Charioteer

Abhiroop          =     Handsome

Abhishek          =     Blessing; Shower of Milk or Water

                                    over an Idol; An Auspicious Bath for a Deity;

                                    Anointing; Special; Shower of Milk and

                                    Water over an Idol

Abhisoka          =     Passionate; Loving

Abhivira          =     Surrounded by Heroes; A Commander

Abhyagni          =     Towards the Fire; A Son of Aitasa

Abilisha          =     Money

Abjayoni          =     Born of the Lotus; Another Name for Brahma

Achalraj          =     Himalayan Mountain

Achintya          =     Release of Tensions; Inconceivable;

                                   A Name of Lord Shiva; Beyond Comprehension;

                                    Lord Shiva

Achyutam          =     Imperishable; A Name of Vishnu;

                                       Similar to Achyut

Achyutha          =     Lord Venkateswara

Adhikara          =     Principal; Controller

Adhyanth          =     Begin and End

Aekadamt          =     Lord Ganesha

Agasthya          =     A Name of a Sage

Agnibhav          =     Born in Fire

Agnivesh          =     Bright as Fire

Aharpati          =     Lord of the Day; Another Name

                                     for Sun and Shiva

Aiyappan          =     Of Vishnu and Shiva; Ayya means Vishnu

                                      and Appa means Shiva

Akalmash          =     Stainless; Pure

Akhilesh          =     Grateful; Lord of the Universe;

                                   Indestructible; Immortal; Lord of Universe

Akhurath          =     One who has Mouse as his Charioteer

Akshansh          =     Universe

Alampata          =     Ever Eternal Lord

Amalendu          =     Sun; The Unblemished Moon

Amardeep          =     Eternal Light

Amarnath          =     Immortal God

Ambarish          =     Name of Lord Shiva; The Sky

Ameyatma          =     Lord Vishnu

Amritaya          =     The Immortal; Lord Vishnu

Anamitra          =     The Sun

Ananmaya          =     One who cannot be Broken

Anantram          =     Eternal God

Anbarasu          =     King of Love

Anbumadi          =     Kind and Intelligent

Angaarak          =     The Planet Mars

Aniketha          =     Good Person; Lord of All

Anirvesh          =     Devotion

Anjaneya          =     Son of Anjani; Name of Hanuman;

                                      Lord Hanuman

Anshuman          =     Blessed with Long Life; The Sun;

                                         Lord Surya (Sun)

Anshumat          =     Luminous

Aprameya          =     A Name of Lord Krishna

Ardhendu          =     Half Moon

Artagnan          =     The Knower of All Meanings

Arumugan          =     Lord Murugan

Ashirvad          =     Blessing

Ashutosh          =     Lord Shiva

Asishram          =     Blessings

Atharvan          =     Knower of the Arthara Vedas

Avadhesh          =     King Dasaratha

Avaneesh          =     Master of the Earth

Avashesh          =     Remainder

Avikshit          =     Not See Before

Avinashi          =     Indestructible

Ayushman          =     Blessed with Long Life

Aakarshan          =     Attraction

Aandaleeb          =     The Bulbul Bird

Aanjaneya          =     Son of Anjani

Aayushman          =     Long Life

Abhibhava          =     Overpowering; Powerful;


Abhidharm          =     Highest Dharma

Abhigyaan          =     Source of Knowledge

Abhijvala          =     Blazing Forth

Abhimanyu          =     God; Arjuna's Son

Abhinanda          =     To Rejoice; To Celebrate; To Praise;

                                        To Bless; Delight

Abhinandh          =     New

Abhinatha          =     Lord of Desires; Another Name

                                         for Kama

Abhinayan          =     Fearless Eye

Abhisumat          =     Radiant; Another Name of Sun

Abhivadan          =     Greeting

Abhyudaya          =     Rising; Sunrise; Elevation;

                                        Increase; Prosperity

Abhyudhay          =     New Sun Rise

Abhyudita          =     Elevated; Prospered; Raised

Acalapati          =     Lord of the Immovable;

                                     Lord of Mountain

Acalendra          =     Lord of the Immovable; The Himalayas

Acchindra          =     Flawless; Uninterrupted; Perfect

Achyuthan          =     Indestructible

Adalarasu          =     King of Dance

Adipurush          =     Primordial Being

Adripathi          =     Master of the Mountains

Agnimitra          =     Friend of Fire

Agniprava          =     Bright as the Fire

Akshobhya          =     Lord Vishnu

Alagarasu          =     Handsome King; King of Beauty

Amarendra          =     King of Devas; Lord of Gods

Amareswar          =     Lord Siva

Ambaadaas          =     Add Meaning

Ambareesh          =     King of the Sky

Amitanshu          =     Add Meaning

Amitiyoti          =     Limitless Brightness

Amritambu          =     Moon

Angamuthu          =     Made of Pearls

Anirudhha          =     Free; Grandson of Lord Krishna;


Annuabhuj          =     Lord Shiva

Antariksh          =     Space; Universe

Arivarasu          =     King of Wisdom

Arivumani          =     Intelligent Jem

Arunkumar          =     Sun Light; Natural; The Son of

                                         God Sun i.e Shani (Saturn)

Ashcharya          =     Surprise

Asitvaran          =     Dark Complexioned

Atmajyoti          =     Light of Soul

Atmananda          =     Bliss of Soul

Avanindra          =     King of the Earth

Aatmabandu          =     Dearest

Abhicandra          =     Having a Moon Like Face

Abhinabhas          =     Famous

Abhinandan          =     Greetings; Felicitous; Welcoming

Abhinivesh          =     Desire

Abhishikth          =     Blessed by God; Grate

Abhisyanta          =     Splendid; A Son of Kuru and Vahini

Abhrakasin          =     With Clouds for Shelter; An Ascetic

Acalesvara          =     God of the Immoveable

Acaryasuta          =     Son of the Teacher

Achalendra          =     Lord of the Immovable; The Himalayas

Adisankara          =     Supreme God

Agnikumara          =     Son of Agni

Ajatshatru          =     One who has No Enemies

AjitKumaar          =     Hero

Amaranaath          =     Immortal God; Lord Shiva

Amarasimha          =     Add Meaning

Amitbikram          =     Limitless Prowess

Amlankusum          =     Unfading Flower

Anantajeet          =     The Victor of Infinity; Lord Vishnu

Anishreddy          =     Lord Shiva and Vishnu

Anshrikraj          =     King of World

Anshunayan          =     Eye of Sun

Antareeksh          =     Universe

Apparajito          =     Undefeated

Arivalagan          =     Intelligent and Handsome

Arivumadhi          =     Intelligent and Knowledgeable

Arivunambi          =     Confident and Intelligent

Ashwaghosh          =     Name of Buddhist Philosopher

Atralarasu          =     Skilled King; Skillful King or Leader

Abhayananda          =     Delighting in Fearlessness

Abhayaprada          =     Bestower of Safety

Abhinandana          =     Felicitous

Abhinav-sai          =     New Things Discovered

Ajatashatru          =     Without Enemies

Akhileshwar          =     Supreme Being

Akshayaguna          =     Of Limitless Attributes; Lord Shiva

Alagarjunan          =     Lord Arjuna

Ambikapathi          =     Lord of Siva

Amitrasudan          =     Destroyer of Enemies

Ashwatthama          =     Son of Dronacharya

Aanandswarup           =     Full of Joy

Aberassithan          =     Unbeatable; God

Acaryatanaya          =     Son of the Teacher; Son of Teacher;

                                             Another Name for Asvatthaman

Akshahantrey          =     Slayer of Aksha

Akshaykeerti          =     Eternal Fame

Acaryanandana           =     Son of the Teacher

Adithyathejas             =     Sun's Brightness

Adityanandana           =     Son of the Sun

Adithyakaushik                          =     Add Meaning

Adityavardhana          =     Increases Glory; Augmented by the Sun

Anandagajapathi          =     Happy King

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