Hindu baby girl names starting with D

Name                            Meaning

Da                           =    Powerfull Brain

De                         =    God; Nature; Enjoy

Daa                        =    Morning Star

Dia                         =    Divine; Day; Daughter of Eineus

Daya                      =    Kindness; Mercy; Pity

Devi                       =    Cute; Goddess

Diti                         =    Idea; Wife of the Sage Kashyap

Diya                       =    Lamp; Light; Dazzling Personality

Daevi                    =    Goddess; The Diety

Deena                   =    Divine; God Like; Jacob's Daughter;

                                      Judgement; Valley; Dinah; Spear Ruler; Silk

Deepa                   =    Lamp; Dedication; A Pledge; A Lamp; Light;

                                      Radiant; Goddess Laxmi

Deeta                    =    A Name for Goddess Lakshmi

Dhara                    =    Constant Flow; The Earth

Dhita                     =    A Daughter

Dhiya                    =    Lamp; Give a Light; Light

Dinah                    =    Avenged or Judged and Vindicated; Justified;

                                       Decoration; Valley; Spear Ruler

Disha                     =    Direction

Divia                      =    Friend; Focus

Divya                     =    Very Cute; Pure; Divine; Settlement; Heavenly;

                                        Brilliant; Divine Luster

Driti                       =    Courage and Morale

Daksha                 =    The Earth; The Skilled One; Sati - Wife of Lord Shiva;


Dalaja                   =    Produced from Petals

Damini                 =    Lightning

Darika                   =    Maiden

Dayita                   =    Beloved

Deepna                =    Goddess Laxmi

Deshna                 =    God Gift

Devaki                  =    Mother of Krishna

Devani                  =    Shining Celestial Goddess

Devika                  =    Like an Angel; Little Goddess;

                                      Mother of Krishna; Minor Deity; Goddess

Devima                                =    Shaft

Dhanam               =    Money

Dhanvi                  =    Money

Dhanya                 =    Great

Dhatri                   =    Earth; Goddess Lakshmi; Goddess Parvati

Dhitya                   =    Goddess Lakshmi

Dhriti                    =    Courage; Morale; Patience

Dhruva                 =    Star; The Polar Star; Constant;

                                       Faithful; Firm

Dhwani                =    Voice; Melody; Music

Dimple                 =    A Small; Natural Hollow on the

                                      Surface of the Body; Happy; Dimples

Dimpul                 =    Love

Divija                    =    Born in Heaven

Drithi                    =    Patience

Druthi                   =    Softened

Druthy                  =    Softened

Dwaita                  =    Raising

Dyuthi                  =    Light; Sun Shine

Daamini               =    Lightening

Dadhija                =    Daughter of Milk

Daevaki                =    Wife of Vasudeva; The Mother of Lord Krishna

Daevani               =    Wife of Lord Subramanya

Daevika                =    Minor Deity; Goddess

Darmesh              =    Honestly

Darpana               =    A Mirror

Darsana                =    Seeing; Sight

Datrija                  =    Earth

Davinya                =    Beloved

Dedipya               =    Shining

Deeksha              =    Initiation; To Teach Learner; To Teach Students;

                                      Good Thoughts of Hindu Religions to Students

                                  (who Wants to Meet God and Wants to Became Social Worker)

Deepali                =    Deep; Collection of Lamps

Deepika               =    A Little Light; Beautiful Girl; Lamp; Light;

                                    A Raagini Used in Indian Music; Wife of God

Deepthi               =    Glow; Shine; Light

Deestha               =    Perseverance

Deevena              =    Blessing

Dhaatri                 =    Generous

Dhairya                =    Brave; Patient

Dhamini               =    Focus

Dhanika               =    Wealth-full

Dhanuja               =    Arjuna's Bow

Dharani                =    Earth; Success; Bearing; The Earth

Dhavala                =    White

Dhishta                                =    One who Shows the Way

Dhristi                  =    Direction

Dhrithi                  =    Visualize; Eye

Dhruth                  =    Courage

Dishita                  =    Focus

Drishti                  =    Sight; Vision; Eyesight

Drishya                 =    Sight

Dwanali               =    Add Meaning

Dairyani               =    Brave Girl

Dakshata             =    Skill

Dakshina             =    A Donation to God or Priest

Dakshita              =    Beautiful; Fully Skill Person

Damyanti            =    Beautiful

Darshana             =    Vision; Seeing

Darshini               =    One who Blesses

Dayanita              =    Tender

Debashmi           =    God Name

Deedipya            =    Bright

Deeptika             =    A Lamp

Devasree             =    Divine Beauty

Dhaaruni             =    Add Meaning

Dhaenuka           =    Holy Cow

Dhanista              =    One of the Star; Name of a Gopi of Gukul

Dharanai              =    Earth

Dharanya             =    Earth

Dharitri                =    The Earth

Dharmija             =    Honest

Dharsini               =    Focus

Dhatrija                =    Earth

Dhatrika               =    The Earth; Mother Earth

Dheeksha            =    Religious Pledge

Dheeraja             =    Patience

Dhyavani             =    Happy

Dimanshu           =    Sweet

Druvisha              =    Add Meaning

Druvtara              =    Bright Like a Pole Star

Dweepika           =    Lamp of Land

Daedeepya         =    Full of Light

Daevasree          =    Indian Saint Name

Damayanti          =    Lotus Flower; Pretty Dove

Darpanika           =    A Small Mirror

Darshanti            =    Peace

Dayamayee        =    Kind

Deekshika           =    Talkative

Deekshita           =    Initiation

Deepshika          =    Lamp

Deepsitha           =    Moonlight

Devendrie          =    Angle

Dhanishta           =    A Star

Dhanuasha         =    Add Meaning

Dhanvitha           =    Rich in Knowledge

Dhanyatha          =    Thankful

Dhatrisri              =    Goddess Lakshmi

Dishvitha             =    Brightness; Focus

Divyaleen           =    Divine and Brilliant

Divyasree            =    Heavenly

Drishitha             =    Vision

Daevayaani        =    Strong; Goddess

Dakshayani         =    Goddess Parvathi; The Daughter of

                                       Daksha; Goddess Durga

Dakshayini          =    Queen

Deekshitha         =    God's Name; Initiation; Concentration

Deepanwita       =    Lit by Lamp

Devikarani          =    Queen of Goddess

Dhamarukhi       =    Drum

Dhanaseela        =    Money

Dhariyitri             =    Helpful

Diviyasree          =    Divine; Pure

Diviyasuma        =    Divine Pure

Daeveebaala     =    Divine Girl

Daeveepriya      =    God Name

Dakshakanya     =    Able Daughter

Dattaadaevi       =    Name of God's Wife

Deepanwitha    =    Deewali

Dharmataeja      =    Glitter of Dharma

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