Hindu baby girl names starting with C

Name                  Meaning

Com             =    Raising

Chami             =    Nice; Good

Chiti             =    Love

Chaaya             =    Shadow

Chadna             =    Love

Chahna             =    Love; Like

Chaity             =    Awake

Champa             =    A Flower

Chanda             =    Moon

Chandi             =    Goddess Chamundeshvari Devi

Charil             =    Brightness

Charme             =    Attractive Beauty

Charmi             =    Beautiful

Charvi             =    A Beautiful Woman; Lovely; Beautiful Woman

Chervi             =    Wife of Kubera

Chetna             =    Power of Intellect; Alert

Chhabi             =    Picture

Chhavi             =    Reflection; Outlook; Reflection Reflection

Chhaya             =    Shadow

Chinni             =    Cute; Sweet

Chinnu             =    Nice; Cute

Chitra             =    Drawing; Picture; A Star; Name of a River;

                                Art; Nakshatra

Chunni             =    Star

Cauvery             =    Name of a River

Chahana             =    Desire; Affection

Chaitra             =    Aries Sign; 1st Month of a Year as Per Calender;

                                   Another Name of Goddess Parvati; Usually the Month

                                    of Ugaadi Festival

Chakori             =    Alert; A Bird Enamoured of the Moon

Chalama             =    Goddess Parvati

Chalana             =    Moving

Chameli             =    Jasmine; A Creeper with Flowers

Chandni             =    Moonlight; Star

Chapala             =    Restless; Lighting

Charani             =    Goddess Saraswati

Charita             =    Dear; Past Story

Charuta             =    Good; Moon

Chatura             =    Clever

Chaunta             =    One who Outshines the Stars

Chayana             =    Moon

Chellam             =    Pampered

Chetana             =    Intelligence

Chethra             =    Name of a Month

Chhavvi             =    Image; Radiance

Chimayi             =    Beautiful; Happy; Blissful

Chinmay             =    God Ganesh

Chinuku             =    Drop of Rain

Chumban             =    Kiss

Chaitali             =    Born in the Month of Chaitra

Chaitaly             =    Name of an Ancient City

Chaithra             =    First Month of the Year; Spring; New Bright Light

Chakrika             =    Goddess Laxmi

Chalitha             =    Cute

Champika             =    Little Champa Flower

Chanasya             =    Delighting

Chandana             =    Sandalwood; Parrot

Chandani             =    Star; A River; Moonlight; Silver; Moon Light

Chandika             =    Like Moon; Diminutive of Chandana

Chandini             =    Star; Moonlight; Moon Light; A River

Changuna             =    A Good Woman

Charitha             =    Good; One Having a Very Clean Character

Charitra             =    History

Chaturya             =    Clever

Chinmayi             =    Blissful

Chintana             =    Meditation

Chithani             =    Beauty

Chitkala             =    Knowledge

Chitrali             =    A Row of Pictures

Chitrani             =    River Ganga

Chitrita             =    Picturesque

Chaitrika             =    First Month of the Year; Spring Season

Chakakani             =    Add Meaning

Chamanthi             =    Flower Name

Chanchala             =    Unsteady; Lakshmi

Chanchari             =    Bird; Vortex of Water

Chanchita             =    Great

Chandraja             =    Daughter of the Moon

Chandraki             =    Peacock

Chandrani             =    Beautiful as Moon

Chandrika             =    Moonlight

Chandrima             =    Moonlight Night

Charishma             =    Lot of Good will

Charitrya             =    History

Charmitha             =    Like History

Charulata             =    Beautiful Creeper

Charumati             =    Beautiful

Charusila             =    Beautiful Jewel

Charvitha             =    Clever; Beautiful Woman

Chaytrika             =    Very Clever

Cherishma             =    Bright

Cherishya             =    Good Intelligence

Chinmayee             =    Blissful

Chinnisri             =    Love

Chitrathi             =    A Bright Chariot

Christian             =    Follower of Christ; Anointed; Anointed Christian

Chairavali             =    Full Moon of Chaitra Month

Chaithanya             =    Active Girl; Divine Radiance

Champabati             =    The Capital

Champakali             =    A Bud of Champa

Chandalini             =    Glorious

Chandanika             =    Diminutive

Chandrakin             =    A Peacock

Charulekha             =    Beautiful Picture

Charunetra             =    One with Beautiful Eyes

Charushree             =    Peace; Beautiful

Charvisree             =    Beautiful Lady

Chetraneka             =    Artist

Chintanika             =    Meditation

Chirasmayi             =    Deserving to Remember Forever

Chitrakshi             =    Colourful Eyes

Chitramala             =    Series of Pictures

Chitramaya             =    Worldly Illusion

Champakmala             =    A Garland Made of Champa Flowers

Chandrabali             =    Moonlit; Krishna's Girlfriend

Chandrahasa             =    With a Beautiful Smile

Chandrakala             =    Beams of the Moon

Chandraleka             =    Ray of Moon

Chandratara             =    The Moon and the Stars Conjoined

Charuprabha             =    Beautiful

Charusheela             =    A Jewel

Chaturvidha             =    Four Types

Chitralekha             =    As Beautiful as a Picture; Beautiful

                                           Design; A Celestial Maiden; Painting

Chitrarathi             =    With a Bright Chariot

ChitraRekha             =    Picture; Goddess Firstly Started Painting;

                                             First Lady Artist Named Chitrarekha

Champamalini             =    Garland of Champa Flower

Chandrabhaga             =    River Chenab in India

Chandrajyoti             =    Moon Light

Chandrakanti             =    Moon Light

Chandralekha             =    The Phase of Moon Two Nights After

                                                 New Moon; Ray of Moon

Chandramathi             =    As Beautiful as the Moon

Chandramukhi             =    As Beautiful as the Moon

Chandravathi             =    Lit by the Moon

Chitragandha             =    A Fragrant Material

Champakavathi             =    Owner of Champak Trees

Chandraleksha             =    A Ray of the Moon

Chandraprabha             =    Star; Moon Light

Chandrapushpa             =    Star

Chandravadana             =    Lighten and Peaceful Face; Moon's Face

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