Hindu baby girl names starting with F

Name                        Meaning

Farah          =      Glory; Happiness; Cheerfulness;

                              Beautiful; Joyful; Lovely; Pleasant;

                              Good Looking; Traveller

Farha          =      Happiness

Faria           =      A Caravan

Forum        =      Fragrance

Freya          =      Goddess of Love; Queen of the Gods;

                             Beloved; Lady; Noble Woman; High-born

                              Lady; Mistress

Fulki           =      Spark

Fajyaz        =      Artistic

Farida        =      Turquoise; Unique; Love

Fatima       =      The Prophet Mohammad's Daughter;

                              Weaning; Daughter of the Prophet Mohammed;

                               One who Abstains; Baby's Nurse

Fawiza       =      Successful

Firoza         =      Turquoise

Foolan       =      Flowering

Fullan        =      Blooming

Falguni      =      Grater Flower; Born in Falgun; A Hindu Month

Farhina      =      Happiness

Fullara       =      Wife of Kalketu

Fulmala                     =      Garland

Farishta                     =      Angel

Foolwati                   =      Delicate as a Flower

Fulgitha                    =      Flower

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